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Just in case someone missed this...
John Oliver's brilliant take on net neutrality is hilarious; if you know people who find the topic too boring to care about try this video:

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A pattern of behavior?

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Perhaps this should be required reading?  It might make for more meaningful discussions.

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I'm sure everyone has heard of this, but it's so genius I had to repost

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Profiteering on tragedy...of course it's really all about 'making schools safer' because they didn't have a 'anti-psychotic action plan'.  Great idea, let's strip another $100 million from the school budget, that will help!  Give me a break, it is impossible to prepare for every single possible event.  All of us are horrified by the senseless shooting, let's not make it worse by cashing in on the tragedy.

Just to keep tabs on things...

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A little late, but would have been perfect a few months ago.

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