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New report from ComScore states Google+ users averaged only three minutes on the site during January, a pittance compared to Facebook’s average of 405 minutes per visitor. Tumblr and Pinterest both saw 89 minutes per user on average, while LinkedIn clocked in at 17 minutes per user and Twitter at 21 minutes.

As for that three minute stat, I am totally guilty. not quite there for me yet...not sure why. It will be, one day.
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I remember having trouble getting people off Myspace. Time will tell.
+Shaine Mata Agreed. Nothing is built overnight, but find I too am struggling with trying to interact with yet another platform.
I'm hoping that the Search Your World component makes up for the lack of network engagement. (By the way, you were in my dream last night, Kristie. It involved a motorcycle.)
It's hard for me to envision the Google+ landscape- I am lost, but trying to find my way.
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