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Kristie Wells
Director, Global Social Media and Customer Engagement of @Ancestry. CoFounder of @socialmediaclub. Social Media + Community Advocate. Connector. Communicator. Spender of @chrisheuer's money.
Director, Global Social Media and Customer Engagement of @Ancestry. CoFounder of @socialmediaclub. Social Media + Community Advocate. Connector. Communicator. Spender of @chrisheuer's money.

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Jason, it really comes down to personal preference.

I have one master tree for my husband and my lines and it is easy to move around in it. I put both our names in the title so it was clear it was combined.  

I have a separate tree I am working on for part of my pre-1500 clan as it is not verified and I am not 100% sure they are my line so I wanted to keep it disconnected for now. 

I also know some people who have split the trees up even by their maternal and paternal lines. 

Do do what makes the most sense for you. 
Had a quick question - hoping someone can help. Been working on my family tree on an off for a couple years now - using (Family Tree Maker). Currently I have it set up as a Bouwmeester Family Tree with me as the starting point. 

I've started adding my wife's ancestry as well - my question is, should this be a separate tree or is it fine being part of my tree - the thing is, once you select her side, it's no longer a Bouwmeester Family Tree.

Is there a common practice for this?

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Excited to announce that I've joined as their Director of Global Social Media and Customer Engagement. 

As the journey begins today, I am looking forward to meeting and connecting with the members of my new community. If you aren’t already a member, I hope you might consider joining me and the millions of others who are exploring their family histories with me. Let's do this!

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Social Media Club Inc is hosting a Google+ [right now] where we will be discussing how businesses can use tools like this one to gain awareness for their product/brand. Join us!

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What does midnight oil, HTML and beer have in common? The +Swipp Engineers.

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New report from ComScore states Google+ users averaged only three minutes on the site during January, a pittance compared to Facebook’s average of 405 minutes per visitor. Tumblr and Pinterest both saw 89 minutes per user on average, while LinkedIn clocked in at 17 minutes per user and Twitter at 21 minutes.

As for that three minute stat, I am totally guilty. not quite there for me yet...not sure why. It will be, one day.

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We are still semi-stealthy, but I can give you a glimpse into what I’ve been working on. So much to come over the next couple of weeks!
Every decade or so, something changes that changes everything else. Computers. The Internet. Mobile Devices. The Social Web. One idea is built on the last, like scaffolding for the future. These are fundamental forces.

The next big change is one that will bring it all together so that everyone is heard, and everyone is counted. We believe that working together, the world gets better. We believe that we are on the verge of a globally shared “living intelligence”, which will result in a better, smarter and more open planet.

We are Swipp, and we are onto something...

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Need to spend a days worth of effort to add people to circles, while easy, I would love a checkbox or some other streamlined way to add people en masse.

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Google+ is finally releasing 'Pages' for businesses with a select few live now (all big brands). Just wish they had audited what businesses HAD set up pages back in June before they terminated them and allowed us early access as a way to thank early supporters like +***** +Ford Motor Company and more.

If I 'x' a suggestion on Google+, I really don't want to see them show up as a suggestion again.
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