The successor to the Kombi 7211-DS3-2012 at your service

A vacuum lifter for turning and tilting that can move 1000 kg at EC construction sites. What the Kombi 7211-DS3 was developed for in 2004. This device is robust and continues to perform for many users.

The successor model to the Kombi 7211-DS3-2012 is now here - the advanced Kombi 7211-DS3. The Kombi 7211-DS3-2018 vacuum lifting device has a control with a battery quick-change system. As time has gone by, a number of other feature have also been incorporated into the development of the Kombi 7211-DS3 vacuum lifting device. All suction cups can now be quickly and easily released.

If you’d like to see a brief introduction to the Kombi 7211-DS3-2018 then this video is for you. Part 1 shows how to work with the device: Suctioning, releasing, turning and swivelling. This is followed in part 2 with disassembly of the extension.

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