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Bubblews and Squidoo
  • being retired.
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Memmingen, Germany - San Antonio, Texas - Newburg, New York - Honolulu, Hawaii - Fayettville, North Carolina - Forestburg New York
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  • the game of life.
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Well, I'll be darned... - Bubblews

&lassie turned me on to a YouTube video that stars our very own Arvind Dixit and Jason Zuccari. In it they are interviewed by +Nerdstalker a

#WishlistWednesday - Bubblews

I'm not big on wishing. I feel wishing is a lazy persons way of hoping they get what they want. I'm not real big on hope, either. Hoping for

Oh, now that's just not right! - Bubblews

I just re-read a post and found a glaring, embarrassing error. Finding it reminded me of my "there are three kinds of people" philosophy. Be

That's all folks... - Bubblews

I marveled awhile back how Google is the biggest encyclopedia man has ever created. While searching thr

Have you seen this one? - Bubblews

I was working on a bubble the other day and when I pressed post and got this message: The title is too short (minimum of 5 characters...

Zoom! Zoom! - Bubblews

Here's one of those "mistake" pictures I was talking about here - Or maybe not a mis...

Did I miss a memo!? - Bubblews

Hold up. What's the deal with the edit button? It has gone away on all but my last two posts? Tell me this is a glitch! It's bad enough tha.

OK. I see what you did there! - Bubblews

&BubblewsMemberSupport Let me repeat that. &BubblewsMemberSupport Write it down. Better yet, copy the link to your bookmarks. Keep it as ha.

Discover Actor Paul Muni - Bubblews

I've been down for the count, a sinus infection, for the last few days. When I'm sick I tend to become a couch potato. I discovered an inter

Wisdom is often wasted on the youth. - Bubblews

There are things you can only learn with time. When we are young we let advice from older folks go in one ear and out the other because as y

Dang, I hate shaving... - Bubblews

I grew a beard once. I'm not sure which is the lesser of two evils but I didn't keep it for very long. Once it got long I didn't know w...

My Life is Like My Meatloaf - Bubblews

I’m making a meatloaf for dinner, and I make a pretty good meatloaf, if I do say so myself. I’d give you the recipe, except I never measure

One more California sign... - News - Bubblews

Actually I have two more but one came out blurry so I'll spare you that one. It wasn't all that thought provoking anyway. The one here we fo

Snake + Skunk - Snake = Picture of Skunk - News - Bubblews

So, I was bending down pulling weeds from around the base of our blackberry vines when it occurred to me I should be keeping an eye out for

Has McDonalds forgotten where they came from? - News - Bubblews

When Richard and Maurice McDonald noticed hamburgers out sold every other item on their 25 item BBQ restaurant menu they decided to change.

If I could send messages back in time... - News - Bubblews

Two things have kept me out of a lot of hot water lately and have made my life much less stressful. If I could send a message back to my pas

How about a hug? - News - Bubblews

I hear people say, "Whoa, I'm not a hugger." I can understand since I come from a family of non-huggers. In fact, I experienced very little

What would you wish on your worst enemy? - News - Bubblews

I'm not the type that goes around wishing ill thoughts toward people but every once in a while someone will do me a wrong that will stir my

A jelly bean empire... - News - Bubblews

If you ever get to Fairfield California I highly recommend you stop by The Jelly Belly factory, the makers of "The Original Gourmet Jelly Be

Great job, before during and after installation. You kept us well informed each step of the way and did a great job cleaning up the job site. Highly recommended.
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