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Edit: A youtube link, captions included:
Circle Reordering

Hey there, I'm Brett, and I'm an engineer here on the Google+ Circles team. We’ve
been hearing that you want a way to reorder your circles -- so when
you add people, view your stream, or share, that list of circles is in
the order that works for you. We thought it was a great idea, and today, we’re launching this on Google+.

Let me show you how it works. Go over to the Circles tab and down to your circles. Now you can move your circles wherever you want, just by clicking and dragging with the mouse. Plus, that order will now show up everywhere across Google+, even in the dropdown menu when you add people to circles.

I hope you like it. And as always, please keep letting us know what we
can do to make Google+ better for you.

Brett van Zuiden
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Awesome! Glad to hear! We've been waiting for this! Thanks for listening! :)
Thanks, been trying to move my circles around for the last 2 weeks.
Excellent step in the right direction! More user control over their layout and stream. Thanks for the update!
Would be great if there was a way to do this with the keyboard as well as with the mouse — I know it's a known issue, but the add to circles interface is still largely inaccessible, and being able to reorder them from a plain interface list where one then saved it would be a welcome thing for many users who use accessibility add-ons and such.
Thanks a lot +Brett van Zuiden we all really appreciate how G+ adapts to our needs & requests, you guys rock!
Exxxxcellent. Thanks Brett. One of my top feature requests fo G+.
I really like the giraf at the end!
Please say hi to the giraffe. :) and thanks for the update!
Many thanks! That was the first major feature that I found I wanted.
Barca yeahhh, you've been to Camp Nou?
Are you Canadian or real dutch ;-)?
Thank you!!!!!! See, for all those naysayers out there -- Google is listening to our suggestions :-)
<3 not gonna lie, i with 'less than 3' made a heart like on fb...
Thanks! And because I ALREADY have two copies of this announcement shared in my stream - suggest the next quick fix is some way to consolidate multiple reshares!
Great! .. will try that out!
And it's good to know the G+ team is listening .. ;]
Nice! -- When will be be able to add a specific GMail contact group to a specific G+ circle?
JC Desp
Thank you so much for this feature!
little things like this that makes a difference
Thanks for listening to us! :) Very much appreciated!
Great. I always thought it would be nice to rearrange the circles. Thanks for that feature.
I hope no giraffes were hurt in the making of this video!!! :D
Great feature as I've been wanting to move the circles in the stream list for a while. They work like tv channels in a way so good to be able to move them. Thanks Brett.
great! I was looking for that! thank you.
You, and the rest of the Engineers are Wonderful!!!! That will make it so much easier to work.
Dude, the Giraffe totally seals the deal with this one~
This is great, thanks! A glitch worth fixing -
Thanks Brett. That's brilliant
JC Desp
Oh and people stop resharing this, there are already 24 duplicates on my stream. I'm a sad panda now.
Edit: Or maybe a new feature that filters duplicates also?

This is the zombie squid all over again.
I'm more amazed your wearing a football top - Barcelona (proper football ;)
I love the innovation, and the organization is really handy. You guys are doing great work!
Google need to do something to stop duplicates JC. It is inevitable that this wiould be reshared by everyone as it was a much requested feature.
I suggested this weeks ago and the next day I could do it. Glad to see it's not just testing now!
Works fine thanks for the enhancement +Brett van Zuiden even better would be to have a page for all your circles. More space would improve the drag and drop. Great work.
Not working for me yet, must be a gradual roll out
How about a "order alphabetically" button for the lazy?
LOVE THE GIRAFFE! Oh, and the circles dragging too :)
it's cool feature, but I have to say... that giraffe made me laugh for 10 min. :)
Thank you - sorting circles is the first to go. I am happy google is taking it one step at a time. Sarcasm aside (not), we do have a long time to be toghether, google plus and us. Maybe eternity :)
I like this! A small improvement would be to list the already selected items first in a list, so you don't miss any that are checked.
+Brett van Zuiden .. just tried it.. thanks it works perfectly as you described it.. is it going to be possible to change the color of each circle soon?
Lily P
Thank you so much! This is exactly how I assumed it did work and was frustrated when it didn't. Bravo
yay many thanks for listening to our moans
nnm rht
It works! Thank you.
Love the Giraffe, Bret :)
Yup, that's the power of social media!!! lol
Great addition - hopefully we'll be able to set a circle or a number of circles to be the default view for our stream when entering G+ from the web, or mobile app... Personally, I never want to see all the info from all my circles at any one time - I'd like to see my "friends" or "friends" and "family" or I'd even be willing to create a circle called "Priority Read" that has just my go-to folks I'm interested in... if I could default the app to launch to that circle every time, I'd be a happy camper.

Thanks again for the ongoing improvements to the app!

- Will
Almost as good as tabs would have been, thanks!
I hope you have turned off your push..after posting this message!
Great stuff, thanks! The ability to sub-divide circles would be a truly treasured next step... :)
Great! That makes a huge difference to me. Loving my experience here, keep up the good work!
finally! now, please, make the circles and user tiles much smaller and align the panes side by side.
I would like to add that it would be nice if comments didn't show as default. Some posts have som many comments, it requires scrolling for days. Thanks for listening to us!
ROFL where this Random giraffe come from. lol, good love i can now move my circles
Wow, I asked for a feature. Google just makes it happen. I don't know how to respond. Thanks.
+Brett van Zuiden awesome. I like that a lot. :) Will there be multi circle selection enabled by default soon?
+Will Swetnam Concur, we need a "default" view which can be configured. I have created a "Blatherers" circle for people that talk too much, but I don't totally want to disconnect from. There needs to be a way to squelch these from the main feed.
I would like to place circles inside other circles.
Terrific! But not active yet all across the board (not here, in any case). Keep up the good work. Love the way you respond to requests so quickly.
Haha wow this is great, just earlier this week I tried clicking and dragging the circles because I added some new circles and it didn't work. Now, just a few days later that option is here. Very cool. I'm excited for the official launch!
Anyone else out there having trouble with this feature, i.e. not being able to click and drag circles? would this be due to one of the G+ chrome extensions?
+Ellie Kennard Try refreshing the page. Sometimes these things need a bit of jostling in the tubes before they're fully active for everyone
Some of the changes I'm looking forward to:
1. The ability to minimize the comments in the stream.
2. The ability to choose whether or not a new comment moves a post to the top of the stream or not.
3. The ability to share posts from the mobile app.
4. "Nearby" stream in desktop G+.
One more thing, which I believe is a bug - at least on my Chrome 12.0.742.122 the draggeable like that separates the users rectangles from the square does not work. Often does not move at all, and sometimes it even moves opposite to the dragging direction chosen (unfortunately I am not kidding!)
Great! It's a feature I have wished for since the start. I'd go further and suugest that it shows more than just the top 5 circles on the side bar. I don't use Sparks or Chat so I'd rather have that space filled my circles.
Ed Monk
Bret, you guys are awesome. I was just wanting to do that! Go ahead and take the rest if the day off.

Yeah... We are going to have to have you come in on Sat. and we are going to get started early so if you could stop by and get...
Aaron C
those are some awesome canine teeth you have going on there Brett. I wish mine were so pronounced.
i like the interface and the new features that are coming through...

but one thing that detracts from the experience, IMHO, is when you're following someone who gets a lot of comments, it seems to take forever for the "XXX older comments" to show up. so i wind up having to scroll and scroll and scroll and scroll to get past the comments. it's annoying on the chrome browser and down-right unusable on the mobile client.
That's awesome, Brett! But it only addresses a part of the problem. What about changing the default stream? I've got a lot of circles that I really don't want to clutter up my page when I log in, so I'd rather automatically my "friends" circle. Obviously, this would be even more useful once nested circles are available.
confirm, work. Need close browser and restart (empty cache). Linux Ubuntu + Firefox here :)
Boys think to us ok ? :) thx
Love it. Step in the right direction. Now if we can just get it to do more like (sorry) Facebook groups and keep topic info together and not get flooded with posts from someone about everything\
+Brett van Zuiden I would recommend adding spheres and squares; spheres are the same as channels linking the same spheres of interest/influence, and squares are the same as groups linking those in the same spheres together to talk about those shared interests. I hope this is already in the works anyway, just advocating further for it. Thanks!
Sweet! This was my very first feature request!
Thanks, you all just keep improving.
+Brett van Zuiden that's fantastic!!! now if there was a way to move a group of people between circles I'll be completely happy
+Brett van Zuiden Next thing that MUST BE ADDED: dragging a circle INTO another to add all people inside it to that circle.
This is nice, but of all the things that you guys could be working on, many of us would consider this to be very low on the list.
Refreshing the page did it. Thanks for a great feature!
THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE YOU =D
Brett, this is great, but why did they send you to the cafeteria to do the video? (or is that where the giraffe hangs out)
This is great, but can we get nested circles? I can't imagine it being all that difficult to implement. I assume you all are working in GWT to make Google+, I don't know how the code looks, but as far as the code area your Circle class would simply need a Set<Circle> and then some rendering code, and then when you add a circle to posts it would just need to iterate over the set and add the notes to the sub circles.

So instead of having 1 circle for all friends, and then 5 circles for each specific group and having to mirror the users in the circles they all belong to, you could create a Super Circle, which could contain any other circle.

Now I could have my All Friends Circle. and put each of my Friend circles in it (say, Local Friends, Google+Friends, and Friends From Rome).

Then if I wanted a Development circle for all my game development, I could put my Local Friends in it if they wanted to know, and my Family circle in it as well, and also my Followers Circle.

I think it would make managing circles easier, as well as managing who you want to share with. My all friends circle is getting rather large now. not having to mirror and check over that circles contents would be nice.

If anyone else likes this Idea, well you know the drill Internet+
Know what would be really cool? If we could have a drop-down (or some such) to organise our streams according to member numbers, alphabetisation etc. With the member numbers, you could introduce 'trending' to see which groups are growing or stagnating, or perhaps to recognise bursts of activity in one stream over another.
Next trick. Make Sparks publicly visible, like "interests" on FB.
I really want to be able to mute an entire circle. There are people I like to keep in contact with, but I'm not interested in their day-to-day posts. I currently have an extension doing this per user, but it it doesn't extend to non-Chrome browsers or to my phone.

I also want to share my Google Docs with particular Circles i.e. my Coworkers. I would love to be able to share a document with a circle and then move people in and out of that circle as needed. You know, the kind of thing Wave was perfect for.
Why doesn't it work for me?
At first I clicked and dragged but the circles didn't move. I posted a comment here (which I'm now editing), and after that tried it again, and it worked. Is the trick to wave at you first? ;)
+Brett van Zuiden Brett--I have at least one person I've removed from my circles several times, only to have that person reappear in my circles again. Is this a known bug?
Lamest google video ever. -1

Make subcircles/nested circles, silent circles and give more options to organize them.
+Brett van Zuiden requests (choose 1 or more ;-) ): make everyone preselect languages that they understand and allow user later to share posts only with people that understand the language that he uses in a particular post // allow creation of ellipses (auto created circles) with people that understand the particular language // autodetect /make people select languages of their posts so that users can filter out languages that they don't understand // built in google translate
Eddie N

</Mr. Burns voice>

This is a feature that I had been musing to myself about over the past couple of weeks, but I never even checked to see if it hadn't been possible. Thank you guys for making it possible now though! :)

PS: What Circle is the giraffe in? ;)
pao gr
awwww i love u guys!!! n_n
Wow, I thought that giraffe was real at first.. in all seriousness, great new feature! Thanks.
Brett, any chance you can work out the bugs on the plus 1 button for blogspot? It doesn't show up on some servers, and I had to disable my "Share this post" button in order to get it to show up at all.
first an apple, now a giraffe...? (great update too)
This is great, +Brett van Zuiden ... it would be even more awesome if we could show more than just one custom circle in the left nav but not ALL of them. At the moment, we can only view FIVE in the left nav... or EVERY CIRCLE. For those of us with 10-15 circles, there's room to be more flexible with this. I might want to show, say, 7 circles in the left nav. Otherwise, it's really great to see continuing progress in this area.
I'd really like to change the default on my "main stream" from everything to a circle. Ideally, I'd like to stick on whatever circle I was viewing last.
+Steven Roose You can drag a circle to the upper area to get all the people in that circle. Than select all and move them to the desired circle. Voila.
Thank you! One request down. Next two up (just like the hydra): Please enable default stream and sublabels err subcircles!
+Brett van Zuiden Just an FYI. In Linux this seems to work in Ubuntu and Mint but not in Enlightenment for some reason. Window managment issue? Not sure
To make g+ better. gimme a g+ official blog with the latest information!
Thanks for this! And I'm sure someone must have already mentioned this above, but please allow for multiple streams for viewing, maybe implement it with check boxes or multiple radio buttons. Thank you!
Please remember to keep accessibility in mind for people who are not able to drag and drop with teh mouse or who use screen readers. There should always be a keyboard access alternative for any new features added. Thanks.
Hey Brett, why I'm not mote able to see the +1 that people give to my post??
That's great how you made a nice personal video to announce this! Google could have just made a blog post or even just slipped the feature in.

This video makes Google seem less like GOOGLE-IMPERSONAL-COMPANY and more like, hey, look, this dude is just a dude who is working on it. He’s a real person.

This makes me more engaged with Google and how there are actual PEOPLE working on it.
Thanks Brett! It would be equally helpful if the last Circle chosen on your Home page remained as your sticky default.
Thank you for listening! Many tak! :-)
Very nice feature!
Another feature that would be nice is an option under "more actions" (while looking at people in a circle in that nice overlay) that would allow you to move all marked people into another circle (cut&paste) or create a new circle and populating it with the people marked.
Yes accessibility is definitely a must have. Thanks for keeping us honest!
cool. but why did you combine the list of people who don't have G+ with those who do in the find new people tab? Now it's that much harder to find new people who joined...
Great work love the constant updates
Brett, thinks for the Barça shirt ^^
But what does that giraff mean????
i tried dragging the circles last night and hoped that i could reorder them only to find they did not even budge, but i come online today to find that it is possible :D how awesome is that, haha!
How about having this feature implemented on the mobile app?
+Darren Phillips You mean alphabetical? The problem with adding too many options is that things get really cluttered. I don't want to sound unsupportive, but you can reorder them to be alphabetical. One thing we struggled with was when you create a new circle whether to put the new one at the end or beginning of the list. Any thoughts?
+Anders Janson But then how would you get your daily dose of +Tom Anderson? Ha I know what you mean. What I do is make a circle with all the people that I care about reading on a daily basis, and then I do a quick scan through my default stream and then take my time going through this curated circle.

I know people are going to point to this and go "Nested Circles!" but while I do care about reading all my Close Friends posts, just because someone goes to my school doesn't mean I want them in my curated stream. Plus it makes taking people in/out of my curated view much simpler.

Keep the feedback coming!
About this Hangout feature, first of all I am deaf. Secondly, the problem with the Hangout feature is that with the window pane below the main window, the window bars below is much too small to see the hands of the deaf individuals when they are signing in ASL (American Sign Language), so it's a bit of a problem trying to follow 10 deaf individual windows who are attempting to sign to me or to each other.

So with that in mind, can you help recognize the needs of the deaf community with this problem? I've never used Skype, but from what I've read, they can be used in equal multiple window sizes. So if you could look into this problem and see if there's something that you and the Dev team can do to help make the Hangout feature more deaf friendly.

I appreciate your taking the time to read what problems I am addressing to. Thank you!
haha, just found a new time killer... dragging circles in to the air & letting them go, to plop back in to their space yey =D

- Easy way to direct/ private message someone on G+ & store/ read those messages in a G+ mail box
- Interact with/ be know to different circles by different names... ie use my birth name when addressing my family circle, my nickname when addressing my friends circle & my internet alias when addressing my online buddies.
- smilies/ emoticons & when I type :-) it would be good if an actual smilie appeared :-)

Edit- Id like to also be able to circle web urls like drag a web address in to a circle & it book marks it for me
For others like +Neal Scott, +Chee Chew has been actively looking for members of the deaf/hard-of-hearing community and their family+friends to try to make Hangouts a real game-changer for this group of people. He's super-excited about this purpose, so please reach out to him so we can make Google+ better for you guys.
Thank everyone who worked on this, please! Great great feature.
Hey, could you make it possible to view a checklist of circles at the same time - perhaps by default? Like how I can post to my Friends+Family, but can't view that as a stream. (I know I could do it separately, but there's overlap).
Awesome! Wish list, really wish list: The ability to choose just one or several circles as my stream "by default" (and then if I want to see the stream in the other circles I can click on them as it is now). For some of us, having by default the stream from all our circles is a little overwhelming, we should be able to create the stream we want by default :)
Great New Feature. TY for listening to the fans. :-)
Btw Brett ,are you Dutch?
Last name Devroe. All Dutch my Dad is.
Nice Brett! Another nice thing would be the ability to collapse old comments again. ;-)
I have some circles and reorganized them now ... but two of them - the last two ones - now two times within the last couple of minutes changed their position with the other one ...
+James Gosnell You can already add Google plus button on all your posts if you enable the share buttons on your Blog.
Great news, thanks!
As other people have suggested here, I too hope sub-circles is next!
The "killer" circle feature would be to allow circles to be added to other circles. I'd also like to be able to disinclude a circle from within another circle. And I don't mean adding the people from one circle to another, but the circle itself. This needs to happen before G+ goes public or circles will end up being a huge mess.
Can we get triangles? JK thanks for the info!
This is great.

Are the reordered circles supposed to be reordered the same way in the iphone app, or is that not yet supported? Looks like the circles on the iphone app are still sorted in some unix-y way (capitalized goes first).

Well when I asked for a way to make it easy to get order in the mess my circles already are I was not really thinking about how to order the circles themselves but rather, how to more easily rearrange people within circles. This is rather clumsy at the moment. Anyone who does not know right from the start how many circles they want and how to distribute people between circles needs to spend a lot of time with copying/deleting people. The interaction for that is really not very user friendly.
I'd very much prefer not having nice round animated circles but rather a powerful and intuitive way to rearrange people between circles.
+Brett van Zuiden As a zookeeper, I couldn't help but notice in the video you moved a circle titled "ZooKeepers" Are there really 162 zookeepers in G+ or is that a term you use outside of what it really is?
In facebook, there's a group section and I know in google+, this is equivalent to the circle group, but is there a way for it to become easier so that the people in that circle group that you want added doesn't have to create their own circle and all these people one by one? Just make a circle and email that link to the people that you want?

Hope that makes sense.
Please make it so you can just specifically select the circles you want to view. This way you can have people in certain circles and you don't see any of their posts on your normal feed but can still see that circle if you desire.
I think we need more giraffes. Is that what the term 'zookeeper' meant?
This is great.. I asked for this feature the very first day i joined google plus... thanks for creating it..
Yes! This is a critical update. Thanks
Brett...people who I invited (and joined) Google+ are still showing up in my circles by their email address, I have to go to their individual pages and momentarily remove them from my circles and then reinstate them to get the proper names to show. On the mobile site, I can't even do that...
I'd like to be able to push my Google Talk status through to my Google Plus stream an an update.
The reason is, my Google Talk status is very easy to update on my phone, but its OS is too old for the Google Plus app.
+Brett van Zuiden Is there a specific place to send wishes for G+ or should we just post it in the connemts ? --- is there a bugzilla database - or some bug tracking system to report to???

I really, really applaud the reodering of circles - It's been a major source of irritation...

*MAD PROPS for getting this done!*

but one issue that aggravates me even more is the fact that if you have viewed a YouTube video in your stream (either seen it to completion or have paused playback midway), and you then view an image in your stream, the YouTube video restarts playback... I thought this error was only confined to Facebook...
Even more so, when you're done viewing the picture, and hit [x] the video(s) restart again once more! aarrgh!

still - thanks for listening to our wishes and critique... you guys make the G+ experience even more awesome!!!
+Neal Scott ,

+Naomi Black is working with several other deaf members of G+. Naomi can add you to that circle... both for feedback and also to connect w/ other signing folks if you wish.

i recognize the "small video" issue that's paritcular to signing. we need to balance the design for the hearing as well as the deaf community. in the near term, you can click on any of the videos and it will put it on the main large window.

Too bad this video doesn't play in the Android g+ app.
nice work ! wanted to ask this for this but dont know where to - can we have an ability to set up a default circle/s - so we dont have to always add every person we add to a circle. makes addition quicker.
Another thing is that it would be nice to have a public circle that people can pick up and add too. Example: We have quite a group of Joomla! developers on Google+ now (I have over 100 already in mine), but it would be great for other devs to be able to join a Joomla circle and they are added to everyone that has that circle. It would spawn a whole new social aspect. If not, then maybe add a tag area that you can search and find others interested in what you want to add. Another great use for it would be that our company could build a circle for each of our products and use it as a release log and comment area for our products.
Awesome! Thanks for adding this. I tried reordering my circles the other day and was disappointed it did not work.
Do you guys always make videos about new features in front of the cafeteria line?
What about intersecting circles? That is, how can I find the common contacts between two or more circles? For example, a friend that also is family, will be on the friends circle, on the family circle, and on the intersection of both circles.
Also, can I make a circle that contains other circles? Like, if I make a Linux circle, a Ruby on Rails circle, and a Mono/C# circle.. then maybe I want a Technology circle to easily share with all three of those?
Yes! I've been waiting for this!
hey Brett.. thanks, finally its here, i waiting for this. keeP rockinG..
+Brett van Zuiden Wow, there has been well over 100 replies since mine and I haven't got a notification about it! Is there a problem with the G+ notification system, maybe on Macs and/or viewed on Firefox?
Can we do the same with sparks. currently it gets listed in the order a person adds them.. and they can't be reshuffled..
I see that there were some other updates as well!
Can we please get the ability to sort circles by name and/or number of people in them?
I love the way this works, I just rearranged my circles, thanks!
It works great! I wish you could make moving people from one circle to another as easy as well. It's quite difficult the way it works now.
This is GREAT news! Thanks...was waiting for this!
mmm can't get it to work in safari
This is nice, but I have issue with selecting circles from dropdown, when they disappear under the lower edge of the screen.
Great... thanks for this feature. one more fix we badly need is notifications sync between, G+, google toolbar and android app.
Finally! And quickly, too. As expected of Google. Thank you. Now some more:
1) nice to be able to specify which and how many Streams show on the LHS of the Streams. Like how one can control the tags visibility on Gmail.
2) Make the visual size of Circles smaller so more can fit on my limited, lower resolution monitor screen. Right now only about two rows of four to five Circles max. For drag-sorting my Circles, I had to move it in steps. That bring to the next:
3) Auto-scrolling while dragging Circles so that I can drag the last circle all the way to the first row without having to stage it in intermediate rows.
Nice to see this feature. Many thanks to all who listen to users and works with their thoughts and wishes.
That was my 1st request. Thank you Brett and all team for that quick move, you're awesome.
Btw, Brett, how old are you?
Is the Stream displayed depending on this order ?
+Anders Janson +Brett van Zuiden Cool idea to be able to "mute" a cirle! Alternatively, it would be cool if you could choose what circle-stream is shown to you as default when you login to your Google+. I bet most people would for example like to only see the stream from their closest friends as default.. And then if they wish they could either click to see the stream from all circles or from people they just "follow" but have no personal relationship to. Just an idea.
what can I say.....awesome man... :))
Can we please get the ability to move people from once circle to another?

Things are moving really well in Google+, Just wanted to know, if some of the features can possibly come in future working on Group Project in the Circles
1. Some Static Side Panel with some message, which should remain at the top for Comments of members of the circle and remaining running in the Central Stream
2. If Circles, come in 2-3 Level Hierarchy Structure like - Top Circle (a) My Company has all the employee of company, Middle Circle (b) My Department has all the people who are working in my department, Bottom Circle (c) My Project with only 4-5 people who are working on my project with me [This can help in organizing Streams in much easier manner]

Thanks for providing amazingly simple G+

May GOD Bless Google Team!!!
Thank you :-) I've really missed this feature before!
+Brett van Zuiden Thanks for that. It would be great if (1) the size of the circles could be adjusted to fit more into the viewable area, and (2) circles could be dragged into other circles. The killer update I'm waiting for is collapsible comments (both for individual posts and as a toggle in settings).

Keep up the great work!
Thank you so much. I like it.
Thank you!
Vote for +Leslie P 's proposal: combine multiple reshares in the stream. And mark reshares of own posts to avoid some confusion
Honestly I really don't like the photo arrangement system or lack there of. I like the way it downloads and such. but I can't change my album picture or arrange the pictures inside or arrange the albums themselves. I know your on the "circle's team" but maybe that message would be passed along. Thanks. I would really love to see more work put into the photo aspect of google+
I have some friends who post dozens of times a day. They drown out others. I don't want to block them and remove them from all circles. I'd like to make a circle called TMI I could add them to, and then tell Stream not to show TMI postings. I could still see these folks' doings when I have time, but by default they would be skipped. I use a Firefox add-on called Feed Filter that makes Facebook tolerable and recommend you look at some of its features.
>> And as always, please keep letting us know what we can do to make Google+ better for you.

The best thing you could do to make Google+ better for me is to allow me to change my primary email address (including to another Gmail account or a Google apps account). Thanks for asking!
Awesome! The one thing I'm still trying to figure out with my circles is how to share with somebody whose posts I don't want in my stream. The "Spammy Relatives" circle.
FINALLY!!!! I put in feedback on this twice. It was so annoying to not be able to do this. Now I'm gonna do it!!
Tru 8lu
ty sir...very nice
FANTASTIC! thank your
Kal T.
Here's an idea : How about fixing the privacy so total strangers can't put you in their circles, much less even see your profile?
For circles to really be useful the ability to perform logical operations on them (beyond the basic + available when posting) for both display in a stream as well as when posting.
My favorite thing about this is that he is a Barcelona fan! Now I know Google+ is the way forward.
Cool! Would be lovely if they were hierarchical, so I could place a circle within a circle.
Excellent - and Like how the circle order goes to all the places that circles are ordered. NIce touch
Any chance of a text import/export of the circles data, so those of us who prefer to use a keyboard can update things? On some small screens the circle interface doesn't let you see enough of the (frankly huge) circles to be able to move them in a sensible way - those with many more cicles must have even more problems (I only have ~15 so far)...
Ann G
I've got the least screen real estate when using the mobile app, so not having to scroll through my circles to find the one I want would be the most useful there. I set the circle order in my browser thinking in part about what I would want to click to fastest in the app, but things are still in the default order in the app. Will it be catching up?
I really, really, really want circle-in-circle inclusion and exclusion, so I can group people by classes of message they should see, both as individuals and as collections. Technically significant links should go to work colleagues, my academic groups, and the handful of interested friends. I'd like to add those three circles to a composite circle, "technical articles". Relationship status goes to close friends and close family. Certain messages go to all family... but when I add someone to close family, it would be nice to have that propagate to all family, via circle-in-circle inclusion.
Thank you, Brett and the Google Circles team for adding this feature and making the order also show up on the Streams page. This is much easier than using the *, number, and A/Z system to create order and sub-category order. Now, if you could make it possible for us to pull up multiple circles simultaneiously, as well as enabling viewing of only those people who fall between the intersection of two or more circles.
+Brett van Zuiden Thank you, Brett and the Google Circles team for adding this feature and making the order also show up on the Streams page. This is much easier than using the *, number, and A/Z system to create order and sub-category order. Now, if you could make it possible for us to pull up specific multiple circles simultaneously, as well as enabling viewing of only those people who fall between the intersection of two or more circles you'd be in the running for social media canonization. ;-)
Great feature, I was waiting for it. Was difficult to move them on my Netbook with the itty bitty screen (1024x600) though.
you are a Barcelona fan, no wonder the giraffe is after you.
That's just what we all needed: a giraffe's head popping out of a video showing new Google+ features. YES!
Hi +Brett van Zuiden and the G+ circles team. Great work with the reordering of circles and a couple more votes for nested circles plus the ability to mute a circle so members comments don't appear in your default stream would be fantastic
indeed, the ability to mute a circle would be great
PRO-TIP: EVERYONE SEE: "2711 shares "??? Stop sharing this for THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS UNHOLY/HOLY!
+Brett van Zuiden Hi Brett, thanks for this feature.
please let me focus on organisation of circles and members. As +Nancy Picchi already wrote, it would help a lot, to view members of multiple circles simultaneiously. And there is another usecase:
I have about 1000 email-contacts I have loaded into google+. I would like to see, who is in NO circle, just to organize these adresses.
Thanks you in advance
Best regards
From one Giraffe to another... How nice would it be being able to put Circles into other Circles, just like we do with persons, wouldn't it? Let's say my "Best Friends" are also my "Friends" of course and so everything i share with "Friends" will be available to "Best Friends" as well.
I'd like to change the color of the circles.
Great feature! Something I think that has to change or be reduced is the fact that I can see the FULL names of ALL the users who have shared a story and when you have many popular accounts on your circles it's quite annoying (This one for example. I had to scroll down a bit to much to get down here).
Also, I read someone here suggested colors for the circles and that would be quite cool (even if the only colors are red, blue, green and yellow).
Keep working hard you and the G+ team are doing a great job!
Excellent feature, getting better all the time.
Thanks for listening ,that's what i was waiting for :) you guys at Google are the best :) keep working like that
I love how Google always has a sense of humor... it just says that life is supposed to be fun and that you should enjoy work.
It works great for me, Brett! Thank you for adding this functionality. :)
I hope more news, good job and hala madrid!! ;-)
All the names of people who shared your post might be too much no?
I have a question abt Circles: how can one export addresses from a circle to, say, google groups, or an email list? Is that possible? thx for excellent work!
It works great, only it does not copy yet to my Google+ on my handheld. And yes, I already did an update of Google+ to get the newest Android version.
hahahahaha giraffe nice touch but the best touch was that awesome t-shirt of teh best team of the world Barcelona
Thank you very much indeed, Brett.
Thank you. I had just this morning thought that I'd like to re-order Circles. Grand job!
Was that +Loren Groves Giraffe that came in that video at the end, or is that something that every Googler has next to their work station.
This is NOT working for me (I have posted to feedback details on many problems).
I can move a circle a short distance, then when I release it, it bounces back to where it was.
One problem is the people list is eating up more of screen than the circles part.
Sometimes the bar between can be pulled, so we can see 2 rows of circles instead of one, but that also bounces back when released.
I need two mice ... one to work the scroll bar to where I want to move the circle, and another to hang onto the circle I am trying to move. But I only have one mouse.
That wasn't a fake profile, was it?! B-)
Thanks G+ Team to guiding on every step
Hi friends i have some people in more than one circle how do i remove duplicates from my circle? Please help
Great improvement... BUT please can you include a button that does this automatically?

I have over 30 circles and don't have time to manually reorder them
geepers guys, it only takes moments on a desktop to reorder.  If you have time for a watercooler joke, you have time to reorder.
Insanity. I don't even see a way to access Circles. At all.
Trust yuppies and their kidz to optimize for 80/20 and screw users who are in the 20%.
p.s. Evidence that successful / wealthy kidz have not the slightest brain? I dare you to see.

Look at the subject of this post.
What would you see in History and/or Bookmarks? "Edit: A youtube link, captions ..."
How is it ordered in google search results? "Edit: A youtube link, captions ..."

Yuppies' kidz are operationally illituhrayte.
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