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One more thing, wasn't quite video-worthy but still fun: When in the circles tab, you can drag a circle up into the space where all your people are to view all the people for that circle (for those in-the-know, it's called "Circle in Tab")

Edit: reworded for clarity
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Oh, great tip. I love the animations of managing Circles. HTML5 sexiness.
I hadn't refreshed my page in a while, I guess :) got it.
Contact grid: Where all the people show up above the circles. Sorry for the jargon
Any way we could adjust the size of the circles so they can be more easily managed? It is hard to move them around since they are so large and take up so much room?
Neato! :) We could do this before right - by click the circle and viewing in a tab. I like the drag 'n' drop! :)
+Jeff Schultz Agreed. When you have a lot of circles they do take up a lot of space / scrolling.
Got it! Like this! Keep this stuff coming.
^^ but can you drag and drop from circle to circle...?

just answered my own question and the answer is YES!!!
Great work, that saves me a few clicks. Thank you!
Really classy work! Keep'm coming
this is great! got a question: If you move someone from one circle to another are they notified?
If people are so enthusiastic about these small things, what will happen if Google launches the big goodies? ;-) :D
+Lynn Pineda No. People are only notified when you've added them to their Circles the first time.
Hi Brett, great work.

What would you think about nested folders?

It sure would help me, it's the way I think of my network.
+Annemarie Hut +Brett van Zuiden Doesn't look like it has effect in the Mobile App...still alphabetical. You could enumerate your lists a la "1Friends" "2Stalkers" etc. Then go to the Mobile app, then Circles, and refresh the Circles page. They don't readjust until you refresh that page.
+Annemarie Hut It looks like the mobile app (at least on the iPhone) is ordered alphabetically. Strange.
It would be great if I could edit my stream to only display certain circles by default, instead of all of them.
Yeah mobile still uses alphabetical. There are only so many hours in a day...
+Felix Binsack I think Google prefers the idea of tags over folders, circles are a kind of tagging system like in Gmail, where there are no folders either.
YAY, awesome new features. Question: what does it mean to sort by "relevance" and I'm wondering if in the future we could sort by who was added most recently.
I'd like to see all the circle names as tabs across the top by default, so I can click between them, see the visual of the people inside each, and then drag applicable folks down into additional circles easier
+Thomas Heinen, OK, in GMail this feature is called "nest folder under".
nice work dude. Care to check my posts for a couple of ideas? Just two actually, but i think they deserve a look (hint: the posts start with a "Dear Google+..." :)
+Felix Binsack you could just name your circles like so:


and hope that Google implements folder-support in the near future or someone develops a Chrome extension like e.g. Better Gmail which translates this naming into a folder structure. ;-)
+Brett van Zuiden I didn't want to lessen your effort, really appreciate your work and I know how hard these seemingly small things can be from my own experience as developer. ;-)
+Christian Gastrell Can you share them directly with me? I'm dealing with a bit of an overload here and that will help me get to them. Also, the send feedback link works wonders... that's how reordering was inspired :D
+Brett van Zuiden I just have to ask is the Google+ team using lessons learnt from Google Wave and maybe planning to slowly work in some of that ahead of its time technologies as the public become ready for it?
+Steban Hernandez I think there was some research that suggested tagging is far superior to and more intuitive than folders. Just try to find something in the best maintained folder system - you'll probably fail, as you can sort every item only to a single folder typically, but most things do not have only one category but several, so you have to decide and limit yourself at some point with folders.

So it may seem to be a geeky concept at first, but it seems to work better after all (especially for people - who shouldn't be put into a single category anyway ;-))
So - Brett, nice feats, and if I didn't get "Error changing circle memberships." since yesterday I could add you. Any fix for that?
Any chance we'll be able to nest to stack circles soon? That would make this all immensely more powerful.
+Paul Lam I +1'ed your +1 to see if the Internet would implode. I guess we're still here.
+Steban Hernandez what you are proposing is a good idea - but it is possible already, as you can put people in multiple groups.

I am using circles exactly the way you are proposing, I have people in big super-circles and in some smaller ones too, which are "virtual" sub-circles (*but* may contain additional people not belonging to the "virtual" supercircle...).

The only change (or benefit) of your proposal over the current implementation would be hard-linking the circles together, thus making administration and overview somewhat better (you won't forget to put someone into a subcircle or removing him from a supercircle).

But the drawback would be, that you cannot escape this hierarchy anymore. Putting someone into a subcircle then means automagically putting him into the supercircle, too. This might be confusing and lead to privacy leaks, if the hierarchy is not as obvious as in your examples or if the hierarchy is not shown clearly when adding someone to a sub-circle. Plus you cannot put someone into the nested circle anymore without having him in the supercircle, too.
Hi Brett, great stuff. Here's a question: One of my circles is called "Following", for celebrities or famous folks I'd like to hear about, but I don't want to share my private life with them. I don't want my "Extended Circles" to include all the fans of any celebrities I follow, and likewise I don't really want the celebrities themselves to see things I've shared with "My Circles" if the rest of my circles are people I know in real life. Could there be a way to have a different kind of circle or group, like a group of interesting but not-personally-known folks I'm following, that doesn't count towards "My circles" and "My extended circles"?
+Steban Hernandez thanks, I'll have a look - but I fear this might in fact be too geeky for the average G+ user? ;) Most new users are already confused by the circles in their current form.
+Paul Lam I am fairly certain. I refer to that age-old axiom, "I am on Google+, therefore I exist."
Great. Thanks Brett. Also I would like to decide which streams I ant to see and be able to group them. For instance click on the left menu my work groups at certain times and at other times the streams from my friends, family. Can this be done?
Hey Brett,

My friend was using an email (personalized through his domain [i.e.]) and he used this as a personal account, which was setup with Google+ amongst other (Google) services. Recently, he was forced (for some odd reason) to transition his account to an App account, and now he no longer has access to his Google+.

He gets the following message when trying to access his Google+ account: "Oops.. you need a Google profile to use this feature. Google Profiles is not available for your organization."

Any idea as to what caused this?
Nice Brett! Another nice thing would be the ability to collapse old comments again. ;-)
As I go through the people at the top of my circles page (hundreds of them....aaggghhh!!!) I'm struggling. I can't put all of them in circles at once and they come up in different orders each time I visit the page.....I'm getting confused as to who is in circles, who I don't know or don't want to put in a circle. Is there a way to remove someone from the big list at the top? And what are the green things in the top right corner of each person in the list?
Could you make it so that once I've seen your message, I don't see it every time another person shares it? Please? (Serious quality of life issue here).
Hi +Brett van Zuiden That's cool, by the way I'm having problems reading something on my wall because I'm having a lot of contacts so the wall gets updated too quickly. Assume I'm reading a post, but it moves down and the new ones take its place..I have to keep scrolling all the way down until i finish reading. Isn't it a good idea not to refresh the page so quickly? else you can make it work like twitter...showing the number of new posts on a bar..
Thanks, Brett, for the tips!
Awesome! was wondering if there was a way to included circles in circles
Brett miracle worker, before you made the circles movable (thanks!!) I deleted the special Following circle. So here's another pretty-please-request: Could we restore it (can y'all make it so we can restore it), since just giving a new circle the same name did not work:-) Thanks!!
Yes I did let it fade, unfortunately..! I was so happy to have my other circles show up at the top of the list on the home page.. I wanted those others out of sight, so I (sigh!) deleted them..before I thought better of deleting the 'Following' one. Had not read the manual on that one yet -- while all the while singing the praises of the asymmetric nature of Circle memberships vs 'Friends'.
Well, I'm hoping the people with the big # of followers just don't pay attention; that will be fine. There was no way of reordering yet, so I don't think numbers would have helped? Now - problem gone, and maybe one day newly-created Circles can be given attributes by users like the original Following circle. Thanks though!
+Brett van Zuiden Thanks so much for the excellent refinements! I'd like to suggest one more, please? I'd like to be able to take an entire circle and drop it into another circle. Right now, in order to transfer the entirety of one to another, I must do each person at a time. It would really be a timesaver to be able to do them all in one drag/drop motion. Thanks for the consideration! Keep up all the great work!
+Brett van Zuiden Was just about to suggest the same thing as Wes! I would like to see two levels of circles... eg. top level I might have as Personal, Professional, Following... and then within that I would have sub-circles, Personal might have Family, Uni friends, Melbourne friends etc. Then I can choose to share a post with the entire personal circle or just a particular sub-circle :-) Thanks so much for allowing us to re-order the circles, had been hanging out for it!
hi Brett, How about those folks who cross-over? For example a friend who is also a work colleague? or a cute girl who you know as an acquaintance... but you also have in your 'stalking' circle? ;)
I think a series of circles of varying size and merging like a venn diagram? ...They may even look like the pictogram on the 'circles' tab! :D
+Brett van Zuiden Another vote for nested and Venn-able circles. And thanks for this new functionality.

What I've had trouble with on the Circles page is the awkwardness of the two frames on the page when viewing it in FF. The bottom frame won't scroll to the bottom of the page (the Send Feedback widget might be blocking part of the scroll bar), so I can't see the titles of the bottom row of circles to know where I'm trying to drag someone.

I think it's going to become necessary to make some circles Send-only and some Read-only, and also some publicly visible and subscribeable -- I may really want to read someone's tech things, but not so much their political or religious rants. I like the non-reciprocal nature of circles -- I can follow someone without requiring them to confirm our relationship, or even know who I am -- but I think some circles might function better if that reciprocallity can be massaged at the circle-level.

Oh, and I guess it's becoming evident that I want circles to have circle-level tweakable attributes.

I'm happy to discuss any of this that's less than clear -- I can't always get the words to succinctly carry all the meaning I want in more technical concepts -- and I realize that they are much easier for me to think up than for you to create, so I don't expect them to be done next week (the week after would be fine, though). Thanks for all you're doing here, it's a cool place.
+Wes Craiglow , this is possible right now (albeit not in one drag and drop motion). After you do what Brett described by making a "Circle in Tab", you can then select all and drag into a circle. Two drags and one click, but better than adding everyone individually!
How about a circles hierarchy? Circles within circles...

Another thing would be an automatically generated circle for "people I've interacted with" - which would be slightly more appropriate than public in many cases.
Something else: in the photoalbums, new photos seem to be added in random places within the album, would be great to be able to move photos within the album so that you change their overall ordering :)
It works really well and helps me to organize my work better! Congratulations!!
Now I have a terrific and easy-to-achieve idea for you Brett!
Can you connect with me? I'd like to explain it in 5 minutes only.
either way +Brett van Zuiden thanks for taking time out and listening to G+'s new fans. It's much appreciated. Don't get this kind of 'person'ality with Facebook.
Hey couple of quick things.
1. Now that circles can be re-ordered ... can you please add a filter to automatically reorder them alphabetical ASC DESC and number of members ASC DESC. This would be really helpful ... I'm totally okay with Alphabetical order for my 100 odd circles ... I don't want to sit dragging them around.
2. On the circles page I would like a list view or any view that doesn't actually make each circle take up so much valuable screen real estate. I like having lots of circles, but adding people to multiple circles on the circles page is a real headache. I end up having to use the checkboxes for each individual, but then the checkboxes ... the list is not in alphabetical or any coherent order!

these things which must be fairly easy to implement (even in javascript) would really make my G+ organization 10000x better. Thanks for keeping up with the feedback, love the product!
I'd still like to have the ability to add circles to master circles, like divisions within locations within companies.
hmmm, not working in firefox-5 for me. Ah, drag and drop.
Will you be adding the ability to collapse comments under posts after we expand them? There's just no way to shorten the comments after you expand.
Is there a way you can track what people you invite so that you don't send them multiple invites?
Another sorta circly thing somebody just brought up to me that would be very helpful -- the option of minusing people or circles when posting, so you can nonce exclude those people or groups without having to delete them from the circle and then return them to it. Some of that could be handled by Venning, as we've already discussed, but this would be less permanent in nature. Not sure you're the one to bring this to, Brett, but maybe you can forward it toward the right person if you're not.

Thanks again.
what about stream? its nice users to save the stream for circles they want to always appear not only the main stream...i am only suggest
+Brett van Zuiden I saw the post below about counting people in the combination of circles, but no comments are allowed there. I am amused that on my Circle page Google adds up people differently than on my main page. Circles: people with double circle membership count twice; main page: everybody counts only once.. Feature, or bug?
Can we import contacts and pictures from facebook yet, so that I can delete my facebook page already? Google+ is way better.
Luxe Q
HI, I'm a google lover.
Can i add your google talk?
I want to work google, what should i learn on computer?
Suggestion to help ease managing many people in circles that I haven't seen yet - if I'm following Mark Cuban and drop him into my NBA circle, it should recognize that I also follow Mark's friends Dirk, Jason, and Tyson and ask if I'd like to drop them into that circle as well.
Thumbs Up if u agree with Following G+ Circle Ideas...Part(1/6): +Brett van Zuiden

- Black List (Blocked Circle): some people are to whom i don't want to reveal any info, I even Don't want to share My Public Posts/Profile with them...even when they are on my list...
current G+ Blocked means You will not Receive Streams & Notifications from this person...It doesn't make you Invisible in-front of that person in whole G+ like Facebook does with BlackList... FB Blacklisted can't see anything about you on whole Facebook, as if you don't exist on FB...same feature is needed G+ ...So that if we know a stalker or a person we feel insecure of we can just BlackList them... Backlist is a Great Feature for Women as well as Men...

- Open Listed Circle: I have Circles "Photography", "Travelling", "Cooking" for Public...If people want to Join my "Photography" Circle Only or "Photography" & "Travelling" they can choose it from my G+ Profile.

- We also need EXCLUDED CIRCLES feature...example My Post is PUBLIC "Jack Always Wins the Poker Game when ever our Boss is gone from Office & for the pass-time we play Poker in Office" ...I want this post to Viewable by everyone PUBLIC including my Colleagues, But want my BOSS Circle & CLIENT Circle Not to View This, So ill put BOSS & CLIENTS circles in Excluded Circle. EXCLUDED Circles also needed for our G+ Profile, Picture, Video & Other Stuffs.
Thumbs Up if u agree with Following G+ Circle Ideas...Part(2/6): +Brett van Zuiden

- Deleting Gmail Contacts should NOT delete from G+ Circle, A notification will be great such as "This Person has been Deleted from Gmail COntact Do you want to Remove Him/Her from G+ Circles as well?"

- Able to Re-arrange the Circles from STREAM (Stream List) as well.

- Able to Search Circle Name by Text, same Funtionality as GROUPS in GMail Contacts & LABELS in Gmail Inbox.
Thumbs Up if u agree with Following G+ Circle Ideas...Part(3/6): +Brett van Zuiden

- On Profiles & in Circles, If a person is in Any or more than 1 Cirlces, His Circle name should Appear on Top & should be Checked/UnChecked, same Funtionality as GROUPS in GMail Contacts & LABELS in Gmail Inbox.

- See Total NUMBERs of Circles i have & number of selected/highlited Circles, By the way i got Total 80 circles right now ;) on my G+ profile.
Thumbs Up if u agree with Following G+ Circle Ideas...Part(4/6): +Brett van Zuiden

- In Circles the Name Badges show Email icon to whom we have sent G+ Request, And Circle Icon to whom we have added Succesfully...BUT IF a PERSON IS in more than 1 Circle then a Numeric Reading (Number) should also Appear Beside that Icon(1,2,3...) if a Person has been Added to More than 1 Circles.

- Able to Add people from Steam, Origin & other Game Services. And chat with them Directly from G+ to STEAM GAMES.
Thumbs Up if u agree with Following G+ Circle Ideas...Part(5/6): +Brett van Zuiden

- Black List (Blocked Circle) [see Part 1/6] should have a Crossed Circle or Stop Sign Circle Icon along with Circle Icon & Number if the person is Any Other Circle as well.

- NOTES funtion, Same as Gmail Contacs...So that we can add info such as: Her Pet name is Milo...His Game ID is Devil-Mind on Battlefield Games...Elder Brother of my Best Friend Ryan...We met in the Rock Concert he is a Great party Dude...etc etc
Thumbs Up if u agree with Following G+ Circle Ideas...Part(6/6): +Brett van Zuiden

- Ability to add a Nick Name to the person in Our Circles, Beside the Real G+ name for our Own Referance which only we can see. Example: Jhon was in My school's Sports Team Everyone Called him "Muscle Man", Everyone knew him by his this Nick & no Body knew his real name. SO if his name on G+ is John Cusack, We can add a nick for our refference "John Cusack (frnd school Muscle Man)".
Another Example Also a Gamers/Internet Username "Brett van Zuiden (net G+ Circle Team)" , "Brett van Zuiden (game steam id TigerMan194)", "Brett van Zuiden (youtube channel naomitraveller)" etc etc...So that its easy to Remember & Find someone from the Circles, because we don't always remember the Real Name of each person...
we definitely need pre-fab circles! but for now I made a recommended circle to show on my profile so people can see some notable circles!
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