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Elizabeth Wenig
Reader, writer, mistress of Green; Mama, Nana, wife supreme. Mormon, farmer, herbalist, too; With sewing & Scrapbooking mixed in the stew.
Reader, writer, mistress of Green; Mama, Nana, wife supreme. Mormon, farmer, herbalist, too; With sewing & Scrapbooking mixed in the stew.

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Dandelion Mama
My 6 year old granddaughter, Elli, brought me a
surprise.   In her clenched fist was a
tiny bouquet of dandelions already exhibiting the wilt stage and on her face
was a smile radiating unadulterated joy.   ( I pray we could all
remember that pure delight t...

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Vertical garden Asian Long Bean High Tunnel We are busy at the farm planning our   organic garden for summer.   This year there will be a “cancer garden”
section in addition to the fairyland look of the four kinds of runner beans
growing up and up then casc...

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Paddy on TOP of his hutch. I went out to Briarpatch--our indulgent indoor/outdoor rabbit complex one morning last week and discovered my BIG beautiful male Angora with an eye problem.  Well, it was more than a problem.  His eyeball was just short of hanging...

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Super Sad Salad Dressings
Don't ruin your lovely salad with bottled store bought dressing. Even before I manufactured antibodies against some of my favorite foods ( See Alpha Gal post ) I looked suspect a salad dressing labels.   There's more to it than delicious sun ripened tomatoe...

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Sneezy Wheezy Achy Breaky
It's that time of year again...COLD AND FLU SEASON!!  You just never know when bouts of colds or flu will hit so I rounded
up some of my BEST remedies (ACHOOO)   for
bacterial and viral (GESUNDHEIT) respiratory infections.   This is NOT a complete list by f...

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Three Plagues
  Here are three
exceptionally good recipes which are anti-viral/anti-bacterial/and
we hope anti-plague formulas.    I
have included three recipes which differ in cost to make, ease of preparation
and the extraction method.   They are
listed in the order of...

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Red Plague Remedy
This is a two-part class: September 1 and September 30. On 9/1 we will be compounding two tinctures (a set) which are good for
various ailments but which are specifically formulated to counteract
the plague. These two tinctures are a "set" and must be us...

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Everyone's A Mormon...
Well, at least at heart.   I have proof.   Two words.   Blue Blood. Over 13.8 million weekly viewers tune in to watch another
good-guy/bad-guy, cops ‘n robbers shoot out. Why?   Is it because
Tom Selleck graces the screen with his calm sophistication and un...

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Dear Grandchildren
  You are a light in my dark room.  You are a smile that comes from nowhere.  You are a spark of warmth in my heart.  You are a focus of my thoughts and prayers. You are growing up much faster then your parents, but then I grew up faster than my mom.  It's ...

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HOW TO Become Benevolent
This may seem an odd topic for a farm blog.  But, let's think about it.  A farm has animals and plants.  And people.  And trees.  And untold numbers of unseen farm "helpers".  Bacteria. Bees.  Bees?  I say they are unseen because most folks never see or nev...
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