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Carving out a place in the mobile advertising space.
Carving out a place in the mobile advertising space.


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Wanted to take a moment to share this incredibly simple and powerful inforgraphic shared at #tchat  last night!
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Over the last couple months I have added well over 100 lbs to my dead lift. All due to technique research and complimentary lifting movements. Last night in hit a new personal record of 335 lbs! Pretty exciting. 400 here I come!

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Great video about developing explosive power and body mass.  While I haven't used this "snatch grip dead lift" before (I willl soon), I do dead lift twice a week and can attest to it's importance.  The dead lift is most certainly a prime movement to focus on.

Best Mass Building Exercise

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For a little background, all of my info comes from "Starting Strength" (SS) by Mark Rippetoe.  That one book is enough to guide a lifting career for many years.  Since being shared with me by my friend, Brian Donner; it's been my central source for info.

The problem with the SS book is that it's fairly boring and dry.  This is why I augment my studies with the work of a few folks on Youtube.  Here are a few channels I recommend: 

Elliet teaches power lifting, not body building.  I watch a lot of his stuff.  Very positive and insightful guy.

T Nation:
Great support info and alternative approaches.  He does a great job of breaking down complex lifts like the Power Clean, into movements you can train individually.

When you decide to pursue a lift like Power Clean or Dead Lift, I recommend hitting YouTube and searching "Mark Rippetoe Power Clean".  Or whatever lift you're working on.  Great starting spot for sure.

In general, it's good to poke around and digest different opinions.  What works for me, or someone else, may not be the best answer for you.

My 2013 lifting goal WAS to power clean 300 lbs.  Given how hard it was to hit 200, I have since modified the goal to 260.  This next 55lbs is going to be challenging to tack on!

I typically stick to the "olympic lifts" for my training.  I will post a few prime training videos when it comes to these core movements.  I am buried at work so I'll get this in soon.

In the mean time, feel free to ask questions, share info about your current direction, or what your 2013 lifting goals are.

Hello all, Jefferyfish here.  I am working with BenDrexl in CdA and Sandpoint.  We'll have a 3rd team member once I can get an invite for my lady.  Cheers dudes.
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