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Dana Lambert - Hodge
In Gods Hands, With Gods Love
In Gods Hands, With Gods Love

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Take Flight In Your Homeschool {Crew Review}
Do you have a child who loves planes?  Or maybe you have always wanted to learn more about flight.  Either way, Doctor Aviation and their flight learning platform is a great way to learn about flight, planes and all the elements that go along with the progr...

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Trust Fund (Movie) {Crew Review}
Some days are slow ones.  You just need to sit back and enjoy a great movie with your kids.  A good, Christian, family movie like Trust Fund from Mapelle Films .  Bonus when it comes with a book like Love Was Near .  Extra bonus when it's a movie produced b...

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Life Unexpected: Our Story
Two years ago this week, my life changed for the absolute better.  I took a trip to see a friend, who's family I had known for 25 years and yet I'd never met him.  I didn't expect to find in him the man of my dreams, the man who was equally yoked to my soul...

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Moving on from being stalked...
Over the last few months, I find myself wanting to write less and less.  I used to greatly enjoy sharing with my friends online but I find that I am becoming less willing to share and less willing to allow myself to be "seen" through my presence online.  Be...

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Education That's Fascinating! {Crew Review}
When Fascinating Education came up on the Homeschool Review Crew VIF list, I wasn't sure it was one I wanted to do.  But Emmalee had just mentioned that she'd like to learn Biology for her coursework with school, so it was sort of perfect timing.  We were c...

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Let's Learn About The States with Make-A-State {Crew Review}
For the second time this year, we were offered to review an item from Home School In The Woods .   The products this company produces are just amazing.  They go above and beyond to provide some of the best studies they can put together for families like our...

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Beginning July 2017
June was a pretty tough month for us.  Don didn't work several weeks.  There were no calls for a carpenter.  This makes things hard for sure. July didn't start that great either.  I had a brief stomach virus that really hit me hard.  Thankfully, I was the o...

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Lightning Literature {Crew Review}
I've been looking for a good program to use for Literature with Laycie for a little while now but hadn't been able to find anything.  Homeschool Review Crew to the rescue!  They had the perfect program at the perfect time. I had heard of Lightning Literatur...

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A Planner for Home and School: Homeschool Planet {Crew Review}
I'm not a very organized person.  I can admit it.  I don't do schedules well.  Not since I left that big old high school I used to attend.  I have a hard time keeping it together.  My kids do too.  So when Homeschool Buyers Co-op came up on the Vendors List...

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Rush, Rush, Rushing To History {Crew Review}
"Rush, rush, rushing to history!"  Have you been looking for an interesting way to teach American History to your child?  Have you wished for a story that was both captivating and accurate to help build your child's love of history?   The Adventures of Rush...
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