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This would never happen in higher education, of course.

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This has been shared a lot in the past but it's worth sharing again.

For U of U students...The University Venture Fund and the University Impact Fund will present a joint information session for interested students on September 7, CRCC 105, @ 5 PM. Participation in both groups is application-based, so come learn how to apply and more about what the funds do. (You can also ask me directly if you have questions)

UVF's career training has me thinking about Investment Banking now. Not quite sure how I feel about that....

Travis Corrigan and I shouldn't be allowed to be in the same class together.

Has anyone ever outsourced work overseas? Like to India? I need to outsource roughly 500 hours of data entry & excel work for cheap with a somewhat quick turnaround time. Someone in my extended network has to have experience with this....

How to not spend money on textbooks: Become friends with your professors and then ask to simply borrow their copy of the textbook. #Winning

the world is a complicated place

Remembering why I liked San Antonio so much. Although I have been staying right on the Riverwalk this last week, which helps. Parties with blonde Swiss-Germans in the space needle also helps.....

Totally forgot about the HEB (google it). Ah, the memories. Thank you San Antonio.
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