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The name CapturedAffects comes from both the importance in capturing the right moment so it can be shared forever as well as the zen-like ideology of the term affects. The term affect is defined by the concept that we can never truly understand what is, and are only left to try and comprehend things with what is shown or displayed. While the term affects is typically used only in psychology when speaking of people, the concept can be extended to anything visual.

From the beauty of a fire-orange sunset to the refreshing detail of a newly bloomed flower, from the immensity of a mountain-scape to the calming reflection on a river - we can never fully explain any of it, it can only be truly comprehended visually.

Also, as humans, as receivers of this visual information we can only take in so much at one time. A photograph on the other hand catches everything within its frame for it to be understood by whomever, where ever, whenever and however. Every picture is a simple yet intricate artifact that relays it all in every language. 

When a picture has been taken it has saved something unique forever. The picture is a moment in time that can never be recreated and therefore is of great importance to both those who experienced it and those who didn’t. Every situation, every scene in our lives, has had an effect on us in one way or another and because we learn from experiences, that effect stays with us forever. What may not stay with us forever is the moment visually. What makes the moment so priceless, so unique, can sadly be lost forever. This can only be prevented by giving you the moment as is was, the moment as it cannot be explained, the moment visually.  A photograph prevents this; it prevents this by giving you the CapturedAffects.
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