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Michelle Norton (Michelle J Norton)
Writer, Gamer and Mother living in Colorado. Shopping around first novel and revising a second.
Writer, Gamer and Mother living in Colorado. Shopping around first novel and revising a second.

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The worst thing is when you find out an ally is really an enemy. Then you have to make a choice, live with an enemy or leave. For thousands of years, we've had to suck it up and chose to live with the enemy. Both the allies and enemies never knew. I hope with today's news, this changes. Even more, I hope that those that think they are allies, take a long hard look at what they do, and learn to be allies.

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People frequently think I am 10 to 20 years young than I am. At first you may think it’s a compliment. I have no wrinkles, I dye my hair, I suffer from cystic acne, I use the latest tech and coding techniques, and I can move very fast. These are all young…

oooo jeffco stadium has wifi

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I bet if you ask Ghostbusters haters if they thought Gamer Gate was about ethics in journalism, they'd say yes.

I am behind. Apparently Aia started catching Pokemon in Germany. And apparently my apartment is filled with water pokemon.

It's way easier to explain weird behavior when you say: It came with the room. Totally absolves you of further explanation.

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How to irritate your children:

1. Agree to play MindCraft with them
2. Make sure you have the Classic StarWars skin pack
3. Create a superflat world with day/night on, and populating structures. Make it a large world.
4. Let them build happily. 
5. Set yourself as a Jawa. Fill your bags with torches and doors. 
6. Go from town to town singing a song about how the Jawa Fairy is bringing torches and doors to all. 
7. Fix missing doors and add torches to every village. 
8. Refer to yourself in the 3rd person as Jawa Fairy. 
9. Make a rail road that goes automatically around to each town.
10. Fill your bags with food. I like carrots.
11. Ride your minecart from town to town throwing carrots at each town as you pass, singing how the Jawa Fairy brings food to all. 
12. When your child cry for you to stop, throw carrots at them and run away.
13. Sneak into your child's structures and add doors as torches. Sing your song. 
14. When the Children threaten to kill your character, threaten them with TNT and your villager army. 

I started a nukadoko bed today. I shall pickle all the things.
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