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I can no longer upload photos from my phone or PC into Google Photos or Google Drive.

A few months ago I enabled Google Picasa Auto Backup.  I was happily backing up my photos from my PC and my phone until one day it stopped.  I thought my Google Drive was full but I had selected the option in the backup that give me unlimited storage so that shouldn't be an issue.

To troubleshoot the issue I've deleted every single picture out of my Google Drive and out of the Photos app and yet I STILL can't upload.

When the auto backup runs I see a  cloud icon with a line through it on each photo (as if to so "No, this isn't in the cloud").  Clicking on the photo displays a quick message that says something to the effect of "Photo too large or unable to determine file type for upload".

I can't get anything into the account.  It seems to be broken. 

Anyone have an idea on how to fix it?  I want to pay for more storage but not if Drive isn't working for me.

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I found this to be a very interesting read.

Where is everyone else? Can't I get them on here? I want Google+ to be wicked!

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I'm so tired I want to scream!

(And try to post things to Google+)

I want my reader shares to show up here. Why don't they Google? WHY!?!?!
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