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The world is my oyster!
The world is my oyster!

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Trader Joe's crazy love with pumpkin
During my last visit at Trader Joe’s a couple of weeks ago, I walked by a
massive basket of pumpkins that seemed to be fresh  and good looking. When I entered the door, just across me was the new gluten free pumpkin cereal sitting just next to
the pumpkin j...

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What to eat at the Washington's State Fair
State Fairs
are known for their greasy, fried and unhealthy foods together with the fun
rides, silly toys and animal shows. You still have nearly a week to visit
the Fair at Puyallup and here are my suggestions on what tasty but bad for your
cholesterol foo...

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My Fat Dad: a new food memoir, recipe and giveaway
There are numerous
cookbook and diet books arriving at bookstore shelves every day featuring
regional and national cooking traditions, easy-to-make recipes well packaged
with large colorful photos. Weight loss books describe specific diets and
all the benef...

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Cooking with the Muse
Cooking with the Muse is a new book by Myra Kornfeld and
Stephen Massimila. This 500-page cookbook that features 150 recipes, 200
photos , numerous  culinary poems and
easy to read essays about the history of food –all meet together to educate,
entertain an...

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Savory Yogurt from Fage
Savory yogurt is getting fast into the American market. We first saw the carrot, sweet potato and beet flavors from Blue Hill ; then it came Sohha selling yogurt with poppy seeds, pine nuts and sesame from their store in New York's Chelsea Market; other com...

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The Texan Signature Rosé from Llano Estacado
Very few people from the West Coast know the wines from Texas and even less have tried them. I first found out about this one-of-a-kind wine region when I was traveling cross-country from New York City to Los Angeles via I5. A stop at the Hill Country Winer...

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Luxurious wines at Taste Washington
The Taste Washington  event is well behind us but the marvelous wines of the State are here and ready
to be consumed. This year during the tasting I decided to go for the wines with
the higher price tag ($60+), the luxurious and difficult to find otherwise ...

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Jewish flavors and dishes around the world in Seattle
If you live
in Seattle and you want to explore Israeli cuisine and Jewish dishes around the
world, you are in a good spot. During the next few weeks, Seattle will stage
the Seattle Jewish Film Festival and will host several events with top Jewish
chefs and ...

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Kalot Superfood Nut Butter
While experimenting with the paleo diet, I look for new paleo diet friendly snacks, energy bars, mixed nuts and nut butter. Most of them are tasty, low in carbs and higher in fat and protein -there are of course exceptions so keep an eye on that super prote...

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Valentine's Day with Chuao Chocolates
It is a rather commonly agreed tradition that Valentine's Day is celebrated with chocolate and red roses. I followed it religiously this year with favorite Chuao Chocolatier and their special The Aphrodisiac Heart Bonbon Collection - a delicious assortment ...
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