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Darcy Love
Witty and Controversial, taking on all the questions of life and love.
Witty and Controversial, taking on all the questions of life and love.


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Hope Is Not Lost
I woke up this morning to learn that the impossible was in fact possible. America voted for a misogynistic, racist, homophobic, sexual predator over a highly qualified woman. Donald Trump is the 45th American President. Having this follow Brexit makes it fe...

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Writings of a Journalism Student
This is an old piece I wrote for a magazine as I was finishing my degree. I talk about what it's like to be a journalism student in a world that believes journalism is dying. Enjoy! (Forgive any outdated references as this was released to the magazine almos...

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Dawn of Justice: A Review
Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice. Possibly the most exciting superhero movie title we have seen to date. However, the question has been raised - does the movie live up to it's title?  This is a harder question to answer than I first thought. My initial r...

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Would I Survive An Apocalypse?
I love watching end of the world movies and thinking about what I would do if thrown into these situations. From zombies and diseases to asteroids and the four horsemen. Now it's easy to say I could survive these movies if I had the same training and resour...

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wikiHow: An Aliens Guide to Humanity
I know a lot of you out there are skeptical about the possibility of humans being invaded by aliens. But what if I told you it's possible they are already among us? Thanks to wikiHow Aliens would be able to learn how to be human and simply blend in.... How ...

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The Trump Terror
It's time we talk Trump. I know a lot of people have been talking about the latest of our reality TV stars turned politician Donald Trump. Following in the footsteps of Arnold Schwarzenegger (Governor of California) and Jerry Springer (the Democratic Mayor ...

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Madonna, Your Fans Deserve Better
Dear Madonna, We can all respect that in your prime you were the pop princess of the '80s, however I feel like I need to remind you that it is no longer the '80s and you are no longer the pop princess you once were. Yes you still have fans, and yes they sti...

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Dear Adele and Drake
Adele and Drake have both recently released songs that almost broke the internet. I won't get into which song I like more or which is a better song (although those of you who know me personally will probably guess which one I belt out in the car and which o...

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The Reactions to Paris
A tragedy rocked the world this week when several attacks were made in Paris, with over 120 deaths and over 300 injured it's a time for mourning. Yet this wasn't the over all reaction that spread across my Facebook page. There was a lot of anger. The first ...

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Advice For My Brother
Today my brother finishes a major chapter in the book of life and is about to embark on a new journey. That's right, today is his final day of classes for high school. As the older, wiser, and I assume better looking brother, it is up to me to pass on some ...
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