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Bonnie Zink
Knitting keeps me sane.
Knitting keeps me sane.

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A must read for anyone dealing with chronic illness, self-care, and guilt!

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My sister has been busy! Help keep in Saskatoon #yxe  a little longer and place your order for wonderful #knit and #crochet  items today. :) +Shannon Isted +Victor Isted 
Help keep +Shannon Isted, creator behind Shannon's Stitching Cupboard ( and my sister, in Saskatchewan a bit longer.

As I am unable to knit or crochet due to an advanced case of carpal tunnel syndrome in both arms/hands, Shannon has put her skills to good use. She is stitching up a few #Tea cozies to keep my teapot warm. She's been creating slippers and hats for a few local friends too!

Order your ‪#‎crochet‬ and ‪#‎knit‬ items today! Trust me when I say: If you can imagine it, she can create it! #teapot #cozy

Check out what she's been while in Saskatoon ‪#‎yxe‬ helping me recuperate from back surgery. #foraminotomy #discectomy #carpaltunnelsyndrome #SaskatoonKnittingCircle +Saskaoon Knitting Circle #bodum #Saskatchewan

PS: Are you a Saskatchewan Roughrider fan or other sporting fan? Shannon can made slippers, hats, mittens, and anything you can imagine to match your team's colours. 
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Can #Knitting  save your life?
"Knit on with confidence and hope, through all crisis." - Elizabeth Zimmerman
Stories of Recovery with Knitting and Crochet used as Therapy

Knitting is just a hobby or passive distraction, right?   Maybe, if you're stressed out from a long day at the office or overwhelmed with household chores.   For those in less mundane circumstances, it can be a bit more.   What if you find yourself unexpectedly out of work, or recovering from illness or injury, addiction, or abuse?   What if the awesome career, promising future,goals and dreams have been shattered by a car accident?  What if the person that you loved the most hurt you the worst?  What if your diagnosis included the words, "Never again..."?

(This is really cool)  Each week, homebound (for whatever reason) members of our global community are gathering via Google+ #Hangouts   and finding a vibrant social community, making connections with others that can relate to their circumstances, and in the middle of a lively, interactive social environment, they are finding hope again.....and they are #knitting .   Knitting is not just an empty distraction, but a re-focused attention that involves the challenging artistic insight of creating, slows down the thought process to practice finer motor skills with texture and color, and provides motivating, rewarding results.  Through technology, those that were once stuck at home and alone for many hours a day now have the opportunity to become a part of something bigger than themselves and their circumstances.   Now that's knitting the world together in a really cool way.

Why Knitting?
1)  Blogger Heather Buckler tells her story of how knitting filled her days during  recovery from benzodiazepine addiction, providing a creative and productive outlet instead of a downward spiral.  Read more:

2)  Author Kathryn Vercillo tells her story of how she battled depression, anxiety, fear and treatments as a college freshmen recently diagnosed with a brain tumor in her book Crochet saved my Life.  She speaks of choosing hope as she dropped a knife from her wrist to pick up yarn instead.  Find More here:

3)  Soldiers recovering from severe injury and suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) are finding healing through hobbies, as described in a recent article in the Navy Times.   #Knitting  is one of them.  Read more here:

If you have a story to share on how you have seen the benefits of hobbies and crafts during recovery, I would love to hear it. Your story may be the encouragement that someone reading this needs today. Please add it in the comments below.

Could you, a family member or friend  benefit from knitting as a therapeutic past-time?   Please consider introducing them to the engaging, fun, and friendly group of knitters and crocheters in The Knitting Lodge community on #Google + to help them get connected.  Find it here:

This photo depicts my favorite hobbies,   #knitting  and #hiking , that both seem to have a humbling way of keeping me in check.  Have a good weekend, Everyone! - Christina

h/t +Yarn Mountain +Dave Bennett +Beverly Tilton 
#knittingtherapy   #yarnmtn   #knittinglodge   #knitwithme   #knittingtogether   #hobbies   #crafts   #therapy     #communities  

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This is the best bag you will ever #sew. The #BionicGearBag  by +Sally Thompson keeps you organized and together as you stitch.

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+Chevelle Wagenaar This would look good with your hair 😎

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Another set of #hand #knit #Easter #baskets completed. A fantastic way to use up scraps in your yarn #stash
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