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Waiting for my Google account to move feels like it is taking forever! Writing emails without my circles feels awkward, a bunch more junk mail squeaks through, and not knowing which items exactly will move also is an uncomfortable. For example, I don't know if my search history will move over which would cause me to have "worse" results for a while until the new account learned my ways.

I'm glad I'm doing this now rather than waiting a few years but gah I say. Gah!

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Star Trek Into Darkness (no spoilers)

AWESOME! I loved it. There were a ton of nods to other aspects of Trek and fun for those who didn't grow up with the series. I highly recommend it!

To celebrate, here's a great comic from xkcd.

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Moving Google Accounts

I'm trying out a feature that allows me to move all of my Google+ circles to another account. The good news is that no one who has me circled will notice once the transfer happens after a week long waiting period as it will automatically adjust things for you to the correct account. The bad news is that it will not transfer my posts from here to there. Humbug!

(Picture related to one of my online aliases but not really to do with this post.)

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Tip for the new G+ UI

The Pinterest-style view is slowly growing on me. The initial shock was a bit off-putting but I'm already growing accustomed to it. I am, however, missing the "click anywhere in the top bar" to be able to return to the top. There are a few buttons and locations here and there that have the same effect but it is slightly less convenient.
Don't like the new multi-column view? Switch to single column!

If you don't like Google+ coming at you in two or three columns, you can easily switch to a single-column view. 

Go to your "Home" stream, click "More" and find at bottom the "Stream Layout" toggle. 

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Yay, Minnesota!

Asshats tried to shove into the Minnesota Constitution an amendment stating marriage is between a man and a woman and then the next year same-sex marriage is legalized.*

It will come into effect on August 1, 2013!

* Pending the signature from the governor who already stated he would sign.

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Arrested Development Season 4 Trailer

The trailer is out! I wish I wouldn't have waited so long to actually watch the series. I didn't get to it until this past spring! That was a crime, I know.

Remember, it comes out on May 26 on Netflix. Yes, I am aware I sound like an ad. I'm excited!

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Bioshock 1 and 2

I went through these two games for the first time recently and I must say, I highly recommend them if you haven’t done so and like first-person shooters.

When I purchased these games on Steam a while back, they were on sale for dirt cheap and I had heard great things about them. They sat collecting virtual dust for some time as cheap Steam games tend to do until finally giving the first game a shot. It didn't sit right with me. The atmosphere was scary as the sub I was in went down towards the underwater city of Rapture and I wasn't in the mood for a scary game at all. Months later I tried again and got a bit further, however I was having difficulty balancing both guns and plasmids (special powers such as shooting lightning or fire out of your hand) so I quit again. About a year later with the furor over Bioshock Infinite high, I opted to try again and this time I stuck with it. I’m glad I did.

I absolutely love Art Deco design so walking along the hallways and tunnels of Rapture was really exciting to me. As I went through these areas and explored, I started to fall in love with the story.  Discovering the reason the city was built, the civil war that erupted as those reasons fell to the wayside to try to keep the status quo, and how my place in Rapture’s history after these events weaved in. Kindly working together with a man named Atlas as he tries to get his family away from this hellhole felt noble and the scariness I thought of the game quickly subsided. That was, until I saw my first Big Daddy and learned I had to kill them myself. Those low moans reminiscent of whales wound up my nerves tight until I found out that if I left them alone, they left me alone. Being that I have a kind soul (or something), I saved all of the Little Sisters those Big Daddies (Big Daddys?) were protecting, saving them from their tormented fate at the bottom of the ocean. I wound up getting the best ending, by the way, which really left me satisfied and happy.

A few days after finishing the first game, I started into the second. I was once again in Rapture, 10 years after the events of the first game and now playing the role of a Big Daddy myself. I was happy to walk around the city again but something felt different and while there were places to explore, it wasn't quite the same as the first. I didn't gain much of an attachment and I didn't feel like I really grew with the story as in the first. I went through the game and other than some fighting with LIVE for Windows, it wasn't a chore, and again got the best ending, which I was happy with. The game just didn't “click” for me as much as the first.

Where I’d give the first game a 4 out of 5, I’d say for me the second is a 3 out of 5. The lower score for the second may be due to fatigue of playing both games back to back or perhaps the father/daughter storyline didn't speak to me. I do, however, feel both games should be played to get the full story. Maybe don’t play them so close together like I did.

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The Challenge

Every part of this video is my favorite.

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Tale of the First Man Whom Worked for Victoria's Secret

This is amusing.
What a straight man learned by working at Victoria's Secret

Dental school student Christopher Pilny chronicles his career as a Victoria's Secret employee. I am confident this is the funniest thing you'll read today.


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Just watched Iron Man 3. That was fun!
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