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Bertie Bile
Rhubarb is bitter and twisted; Grumble speaks for itself...
Rhubarb is bitter and twisted; Grumble speaks for itself...

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Heseltine reveals Tory attitudes with elitist defence of Osborne
It's hard to forget what the Tories are really like, despite
Theresa May’s disingenuous One Nation rhetoric. But with his defence of George
Osborne, Lord Heseltine has provided us with a timely reminder. Speaking on BBC Radio 4's Any Questions programme on ...

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Millionaire Frank Skinner takes driver's lunch for making him late - and doesn't pay a penny for it!
Funnyman Frank Skinner stunned listeners to his radio show
by admitting he’d taken the packed lunch of a driver he blamed for making him
late. The millionaire comedian boasted of how he didn’t offer any
money in return for the food, which had been lovingly ...

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Open letter to Rupert Murdoch: Why haven't you sacked Katie Hopkins yet?
Dear Mr Murdoch, I was wondering whether you would explain to me why you haven’t yet sacked Katie Hopkins? I realise you’re a busy man so I guess you must have forgotten, or just have not got around to it. I also understand you’ve just taken on a new employ...

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Frank Skinner compares the Queen to 'football hooligans smashing up towns'
The comedian Frank Skinner has launched a savage verbal attack on the Queen, likening her to travelling English football hooligans smashing up towns abroad.   In an extraordinarily outburst prompted by Her Majesty’s reaction to a recent portrait gift, the R...

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News of the cancellation of Sunday's Top Gear is broken to Hitler

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Piers Morgan is 'with the science'. So why aren't you?
Piers Morgan has declared he is “with the science” on the issue
of climate change. The journalist and broadcaster’s response to a question posed by this blog on Twitter seemed unambiguous. But it wasn’t long before some people opted to interpret his
answer ...

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