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This week's education readings:
* The education system would fall over without many hours of teacher overtime. How long until this goodwill is withdrawn?
* How Clear Expectations Can Inhibit Genuine Thinking in Students.
* The Bonus Effect: One Kind of Interest that Rewards Don’t Kill
* Virtual Classrooms Can Be as Unequal as Real Ones
* Educational Malpractice – The Child Manufacturing Process
* Building Students’ Cognitive Flexibility
* Why Are Some People Better at Drawing than Others?
* 7 Simple Ways To Teach Creativity In The Classroom
* Our children aren’t ready for class, so we are ‘worldschooling’ them instead
* Beautiful minds – ‘in a world of their own’
* Finding a real curriculum
* Why are schools not implementing authentic inquiry learning?

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This week's education readings, featuring:

* Fast policy: when educational research morphs into quick fixes and ‘silver bullets’
* We are in “Deep” Doo Doo: Latest Buzz Word of Caution
* The Curse Of The Bell Curve
* The Child Predator We Invite into Our Schools
* The rearview mirror
* What About the Rules? A Lesson Plan for Building Trust Firs
* How Creativity Works
* Why Learning Should Be Messy
* Messy Works: How to Apply Self-Organized Learning in the Classroom
* Tapping into the student’s world
* Developing talent in young people?
* A new creative agenda for education required

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Another week, another set of education readings:

* Ambitious Mathematics Curriculum
* What Students Really Remember Learning in School.
* Why school is a ‘confusing mental mish-mash’ for kids
* Tablets in Schools: Case Study in Success
* Discover Genius In Your Students: The First 30 Days.
* Creativity is GREAT : so why would Britain cut its nose to spite its face?
* Can Morality Be Taught?
* 4 Habits Of Highly Creative People
* Getting Restless At The Head Of The Class
* The Way David Hockney Sees It.
* The forgotten genesis of progressive early education
* Looking at Art – Julie Diamond

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This week's set of education readings:
* Do Our Expectations of Kids Aim Too High or Too Low?
* Students are not hard-wired to learn in different ways – we need to stop using unproven, harmful methods
* Screens In Schools Are a $60 Billion Hoax
* Teaching ‘grit’ is bad for children, and bad for democracy
* Disrupt Assessment: It’s like the 21st century never happened
* What I Worry About When I Worry About STEM
* What is Creativity in Education Really All About?
* Attention artists: the new key to remembering things might be your drawing pencil
* To improve quality in education, reconsider true definition of ‘good teacher’
* The transformative Power of Interest: Annie Murphy Paul – Dan Pink and Carol Dweck
* We have lost so much over the past 50 years. We need to return leadership back to creative teachers.
* What should a parent expect from a teacher in the 21stC?

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This week's education readings:

* It’s not about the tablets. It’s about the learning
* The ‘halo effect’ that helps beautiful students get better marks
* Focusing on tests and invalid assessments is the wrong way to measure teacher quality
* Change your thinking, change your mindset
* What Kind of Work?
* The HeART of the Matter – the Gordon Tovey Experiment.
* What the modern world has forgotten about children and teaching, and solutions to ensure all students learn.
* 5 Steps to Unleash Your Creativity
* 7 Ways to Destroy Your Creativity
* Why schools don’t educate.
* Leave the learning to the kids!
* Educating Boys…and girls?

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This week's set of education readings:

* Paradigm Shift Urgently Needed In Education.
* No grades, no timetable: Berlin school turns teaching upside down
* Why Are Teachers Burning Out?
* Cognitive Offloading: How the Internet Is Changing the Human Brain
* The voice of the child in 21st Century education matters, now more than ever
* Personalized Learning: Enabling Student Voice and Choice Through Projects
* Inquiry-Based Learning: From Teacher-Guided to Student-Driven
* Curriculum Conversations: 7 Do’s and Don’ts
* Fraud, mismanagement, lies, failure: John Oliver takes on Charter Schools.
* An inquiry based classroom
* Don’t touch the bananas!!!!
* Howard Gardner on creativity – are schools encouraging creativity? The challenge of creativity.

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Another set of education readings:

* Which Is More Difficult: World’s Toughest Sport Or Teaching?
* My Epiphany Moment. A story.
* The 13 most innovative schools in the world
* Research Finds The Effects Of Homework On Elementary School Students, And The Results Are Surprising
* How to Become and Remain a Transformational Teacher.
* Why mastery matters and creativity shouldn’t be easy
* 13+ unusually simple techniques to get creative when you are in a rut
* Is Estonia the new Finland?
* Doodling with Dr Seuss: how the cat got his hat
* Tapping the wisdom between schools.
* Losing the art of play
* School Reform: more political than educational

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This week's education readings:
* Writing Junk
* Why We Need to Move Away from SMART Goals and Towards New Forms of Classroom Assessment
* Stop asking whether laptops improve learning outcomes
* What Makes an ‘Extreme Learner’?
* Hands-Off Teaching Cultivates Metacognition
* When We Listen to Students
* 3 Challenges As Hands-On, DIY Culture Moves Into Schools.
* Using STEAM to reverse teacher-directed mindsets
* The killing of creativity by the technocrats.
* An idea whose time has come; schools and teachers working together
* What do good learners do?
* Messages about education.

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This week's education readings:

*Seymour Papert.
*One Mother’s Story: How Overemphasis on Standardized Tests Caused Her 9-Year-Old to Try to Hang Himself
*Milton Friedman’s Vision
*How to Bring ‘More Beautiful’ Questions Back to School.
*Students published their book “Reflections”
*The 1 Lesson That Will Sharpen Your Emotional Intelligence
*Ken Robinson: ‘You don’t want a caste system for creativity’
*Schools ride new wave in writing
*A little bit of deja vu
*Does your classroom have the ‘wow’ factor?
*The killing of creativity by the technocrats.

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This week's education readings
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