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Going Roastal Pudding Went for a large Yorkshire this time: 100g plain flour, pinch of salt, two eggs, milk to make a pouring batter.Just cover the base of the pan with oil, heated to jolly hot at the top of  an even jollier oven  (Gas 9). Pour in the batte...

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Hybrid Bread
Only Partly Sour Dough Made the preliminary sponge in the usual way, -250g flour (10% Rye) 250ml water _ two TBS of Sourdough starter. Left that for 24 hrs, then added a further 250g Strong white flour, + 1 tsp of fast acting yeast.  Knead for 10 mins, rise...

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Chinese again
    So we have "aromatic" duck, pork in black bean sauce and in oyster sauce, both with  bamboo shoots and water chestnuts - and pork in batter, egg rice and noodles         The black bean goo       Top, Deep fried pork in batter -(6 parts plain flour to 4 ...

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Bolognaise Stuffed Pancakes with Cheese Sauce -- -- and some token greenery Quick Ministrone soup Fry an onion, garlic and bacon, stir in a couple of tablespoons of tomato puree, add a litre of stock, stir some more, add a small handful each of red lentils,...

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Roast Pork
Roast Pork Time The Wednesday Roast Gravy and apple sauce not shown --

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Fish Pie
When it's cheap fish day Make Fish Pie       Quite a bit of fish in the cut price bit. Smoked haddock, wild salmon, cod etc. And Some budget prawns and random white fish. Cover with a bechamel/parsley sauce,  cover  that with mashed taters, and bake in the ...

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The Weekend
Food for the weekend That's some rye sourdough at the top, ideal with peppered smoked mackerel for breakfast. Onion soup French style, then ham and cheese pie with mash and salad  

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Sausage Rolls
Sausage Rolls Rough puff pastry and sausage meat

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The Rob Lee Steakon roll
Rob said why not roll bacon and steak together like a Swiss roll, so I did. A thin slice of steak, rolled with a rasher of streaky bacon. The steakon roll, thanks Rob
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