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Clear Rationale For NOT Buying a +Porsche
This guy bought a 2013 911 after saving for 5 years for it.  The list of problems he's had since is impressive.  Considering that this is a VERY expensive car, you'd think there would be decent build quality.  Not so much...

Mirrors my own experience with a Porsche years ago, and the reason I would never, ever own another.

Anyone else updated LastPass to v3.x 

Why has my Firefox got Chrome in it???   Ugh.

I'm working my way through House of Cards.  I'm near the end of the first series but for the life of me I do not like any of the characters and almost have to force myself to watch the next episode. 
Don't get me wrong, the acting, direction etc is all excellent.  Kevin Spacey totally commands the screen.  But the characters are so ughh. 

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Happy Serenity Premiere Day! Celebrate this shiny day by entering to win a Firefly & Serenity prize pack by 6pm ET:

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If you haven't already, then do yourself a favour and head over to Humble Bundle.  The Weekly Sale is awesome.  Go get it.  Remember it's for charridddyyy

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Well I'm proud of the Big 5.  Way to go guys. 

We need more people to wake up and stand against this.

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+All About Android

Looking for a to do app and in payment I've got an app for you :-) 

My suggestion is called MyAppsList.

It's free!  Great for when you change ROM's a lot.  I can use the app to email myself a html list of all the apps I have installed.  I then open the email on my pc and open a tab for each of my apps and click install.  That way I always get the latest version of the apps installed.  Great app, I've never had a problem and it's free. 

Now for my question to you all.  I am desperately looking for the killer to do app.  Paid or free I don't care.
Features it should have are: Cross platform, gsync, recurring tasks, multiple lists, reminders, indentation and no signing up for another service (astrid/ wunderlist). 

Most apps tick most of the boxes but invariably there is always one feature missing, most often recurring tasks. 
Being able to prioritise, integration with JB notifications, integration with dashclock widget and looking sexy would be great but not necessary.

Any.Do the best looking just declined autosync for the second time. Users are trying to get it pushed again
ProDo is the best featured but doesn't have recurring tasks.
Do It! ToDo & Tasks List again doesn't have recurring tasks but mentions it is an upcoming feature. 

Any ideas guys?? 

Thanks for the shows guys. 

Where is Google Reader gone? 

I know it's closing but the link has now disappeared. 

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GetGlue HD, why not call it TV plus?  GetGlue is not just a tv discussion site. People meet online to talk about books, gardening, coffee anything. 

It's a shame when you see CEO Alex Iskold miss what a lot of his users are actually doing.

In the video, Alex mentions that the new app knows what time it is and displays the shows relevant to you.  Well that's just brill, that makes absolutely no sense in a world of netflix or on demand. 

Olympic Opening Ceremony here we come
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