Mir, Wayland, and You: The continuatrix returns

Another concern showing up: Does this fragment the Linux graphics driver space.


Mir only exists because of all the work Wayland devs have done around the Linux graphics stack. It uses exactly the same stack that Weston's drm backend does¹.

The XMir drivers are basically the same as the XWayland drivers - they're stock xf86-video-intel, xf86-video-ati, xf86-video-nouveau with a small patch. They're not the same, but they're not hugely different.

The Mir EGL platform looks almost exactly the same as the Wayland EGL platform. Which looks almost exactly the same as the GBM EGL platform, which looks almost exactly the same as the X11 EGL platform. Code reuse and interfaces are awesome.

Weston currently doesn't have any proprietary driver support; similarly, neither does Mir.

We're talking with NVIDIA and AMD to get support for running Mir on their proprietary drivers, and providing an interface for proprietary drivers in general. It's early days; we don't have anything concrete; and even if we did, I probably wouldn't be able to divulge it. But it's likely that whatever we come up with to support Mir on NVIDIA will also support Wayland on NVIDIA.

So, driver divergence - real, but probably overblown.

¹: On the desktop. On Android, it uses the Android stack.
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