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Justin Aquino
Gamer, from Old School Role-Player to Business and Life.
Gamer, from Old School Role-Player to Business and Life.

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Everytime I check my spam folder I find the emails of that spammer who is using my email account for his Facebook. Googling how to report it reveals no way to report it lolz.
If FB has no way to deal with this I wonder if g+ has the same problem.... (g+ has the same problem lolz)
Edit: Ok found the link to the reporting place 

TIR Some perspective.
90% or more of current events stories...
1) don't affect me directly and immediately
2) evokes emotion with no constructive output/receptacle
3) are distracting from more pressing issues.
4) misleading, incomplete, unverifiable, unsupported etc...

So the natural strategy is filter them all out. 5S my feeds and social media system lolz. 

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I like experimental stuff. But I guess the lesson is having a budget of time, cost, and effort when it comes to cutting edge. I love that description.

What do you call the Anti-Pattern that throws money at Technology in what would have taken Process-Oriented Approach (and building better Company Culture)?

Example is the Philippines where many companies just needed a documented work process to be consistent instead they opt for "Computerization" but have no consistent work process to begin with lolz.

If we sold our computerization with Lean Six Sigma "Process Engineering" we would have a better chance of success simply because if there was No Documented process we had moving goal posts to computerize; and the improvement would have been greater lolz.

Stuff in Chinese is 东东 Dōng dōng
Thing is 东西 Dōngxi also 事情 shìqíng
I wonder if i can say 做东西/东东/事情?

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A great source of complications usable by the gm or players in complicating a scene or problem. 

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Mom trying to dehydrate birds eye chili and bell peppers for crispy frying. 
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My problem with pie in the sky personal projects. until I master clarifying and specifying scope and goals I will always be paralyzed by this.

now i know why biz moguls buy up biz and are able to turn them around. None of these many biz dont know anything about processes and systems. Their owners typically are stuck in ivory towers. i always find it remarkable when a philippine company happens to do more than pay lip service to ISO 9001: Quality Management systems.

With what I've learned with Spaced Repetition, I wonder how learning tons of stuff will do to my attention lolz. Will there be too many distracting recall triggers lolz. 

Waiting for permission to spin off an idea lolz. 
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