To Google with love -- from the Google+ Community -- 12 Days of G+

We are all thankful for what 2011 brought to us. Google+ is on top of the list of the things we are thankful for. We're not the +The Muppets (we love the muppets!). +We are the G+ Community. This video would not have been possible without the G+ Community. The real people behind Google+. We're not paid actors. We are the users. We're crazy, chaotic and sometimes our timing is not perfect! We've never met any of the participants in real life (only through hangouts). We sang our hearts out to dedicate this song to Google! :)

This video had two clear goals:

#1 To bring the G+ community members together to collaborate via hangouts (because we love hangouts!). We did everything in this video via a hangout collaboration. Brain storming, rewriting songs, scheduling, meeting, recording people and meeting participants who wanted to contribute their time. It was a wondrous experience.

#2 To show our appreciation to the fantastic Google employees who listens to our feedbacks, and Google makes Google+ a place where a community of real people can thrive. At Google+, one can meet new friends with the same hobbies, interests; and other like-minded individuals get together to talk shop in hangouts or just getting together even if we're in different continents.

Thank you Google! We hope that you keep rocking at what you do! We can't wait to spend our 2012 with you!


The Google tools we used to remotely collaborate on this video:
Google+ Hangouts
Google Chat
Google Voice
Google Docs

+Amanda Blain +Baber Afzal +Ben Woods +Bobbi Jo Woods +Carmelyne Thompson +Christopher Biscardi +Dolidh Young +George Rodenbaugh +Gints Romanovskis +Hermine Ngnomire +Jared Mecham +Jesse Vandewal +Jo Anne Thomas +Joe Bolin +Kim Beasley +Lanie deVuch +Linda Dee +Liz ℚuilty +matthew rappaport +Michael Mozart +Mike Searle +Peter McDermott +PJ Rosenberg +Rob Michael +Robert McGee +Russ Catalano +Samantha Villenave +Steven Vargas +thom m & Serena De Marzi +anthony feliciano +Giuliano Tognarelli Buono-core big hugs to +Sarah Hill +Dave Schmidt +Angie Bailey and +KOMU 8 News

Special Thanks to the following:
+Larry Page +Sergey Brin +Eric Schmidt
+Amit Fulay +Adarsh vijay +Andy Bohm +Benson Leung +Bob Cleveland +Bradley Horowitz +Brian Fitzpatrick +Chee Chew +Dave Besbris +David Bennett David Will +Dean Michael Berris +Ed Chi +Jason Mayes +Jenny Murphy +Jeremy Klein +Jonas Lindberg +Josh Armour +Josh Estelle +Katherine Gramann +Kristoffer Sorensen +Louis Gray +Marvin Chow +Matt Cutts +Mike West +Natalie Glance +Natalie Villalobos +Neeta Tolani +Paul Irish +Paul Kinlan +Phil Wagner +Ricardo Lagos +Robert Fischer +Seth Ladd +Tammy McLeod +Tarandeep Singh +Vic Gundotra +Vincent Mo
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