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Nick Kinder
18 year-old video editor, still stuck in high school
18 year-old video editor, still stuck in high school

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Current Top 10 of 2014 // Quick Thoughts on Gone Girl
My Top 10 lists go through revises and revises and...revises. It's never complete until maybe a year or two afterwards. And some movies fly all around, never finding a secure spot. Like Boyhood . It's a fantastic film, and I believed nothing would top it th...

"Seize the day, boys. Make your lives extraordinary." I'll miss you so much, Robin Williams.

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Where to start? Well...I'm back. It's been an interesting year and a half since I last posted on YouTube (Movies of 2012). Thank you to everyone who has stayed subscribed since and added me to your circles! Your patience will be awarded with a return to editing. I just broke ground a few days ago on Movies of 2014, so expect that in the first few days of December!!! I wish I could do more; hopefully this is a return to form. I have a lot of ideas for videos, and I can't wait to share them with you all!

I also just started a movie blog. Who knows how that'll work out... But please, check it out! I'll periodically update Movies of 2014 on it too so you can see some behind-the-edits pictures and stuff.

Thank you all so much and I'm so excited being back!!

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Reflecting on Boyhood
of my life I've waited for Boyhood . Since I read about it all of those years ago (approximately 11), I have gotten my driver's license, experienced a few
relationships and survived through elementary, middle and
three-fourths of high school. I've comp...
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