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Draft chapter on all the many crazy and awesome things that Google Chrome does under the hood to make your browsing experience fast...

It's a longish read.. I recommend grabbing a coffee first!

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Sencha demonstrates HTML 5 can be faster than native iOS or Android apps (Facebook example)

You've heard that Facebook switched from HTML 5 to "native" apps on iOS and Android recently to "speed them up." That pissed off the developers from Sencha

So they built a Facebook app completely in HTML 5 that's even faster than the native Android and iOS apps that Facebook released last week. 

Sencha builds HTML 5 programming tools and here we discuss the market for app developers and the choices they have to make. Later today I'll be at Facebook and will ask them more about why they can't match the speed Sencha displays here.

This blew away many of my assumptions of native vs. HTML 5 and proved that I was wrong when I said that the reason Facebook's app was faster was because it was native. 

Did it change your assumptions?

Attached here is the video I shot at my house on Friday. 

More from Sencha: 

- Sencha's own Video:
- Fastbook App:
- HTML5 Is Ready App Contest:
- Blog post on tech details:

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It took me a second to get it... :)

I remember buying my first wifi router for $300, plus 150 for the receivers. But it was so liberating! The ability to use my laptop wherever I wanted to, the ability to move my desktop to the perfect location rather than where the CAT 5 cable could reach. It was amazing.

Now I'm upset that the entire world is not covered by one wifi mesh. :)


I do hate Google's account transfer. Proved easier to transfer my circles using the tool and just accept I have lost all the posts made previously. Having now mixed up the profiles twice. Not clever.

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What’s a Mola? Behind the Strange Fish Picture Surging on Social Networks

The remarkable ability of Internet users to make a post go viral has produced a new treat: an enchanting picture of a Mola mola, or ocean sunfish, undulating just below the surface of the ocean. The image, snapped by photographer Daniel Botelho in 2010, is now making waves around Social Networks.

The sunfish is the world’s heaviest bony fish. It’s in the same order as puffer fish and porcupine fish, but it’s one of the most evolutionary derived fishes in the sea. So, it has a cranium more like what ours looks like, along with fewer vertebrae; its spinal column is actually shorter than its brain. And they’re one of the most fecund vertebrates in the world; a 4-ft female was recorded as having an estimated 300 million eggs.

The only way to understand [the sunfish] is to study its ancestry. Their design has evolved to be more like an armored tank with a stiff body as opposed to a streamlined torpedo body like other fish. They just look like big puffer fish on steroids. They use mostly their fins for propulsion as opposed to wagging their body.

Sunfish are the world’s largest jelly-eater. And people love the sunfish, it’s a lot of people’s favorite fish.

via National Geographic ~
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