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Chronicles of a Bride-II
All of a sudden I’m under
limelight and every step of mine is the talk of the bridal town. Suddenly, my
life has become more interesting to the people around me. Every step of mine is
not just watched but also commented upon. As much as I enjoy being the ce...

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Chronicles of a Bride- I
Do you remember your first job?
How excited you were to land in it? The thrill of doing something “Real”?  The relief that you have a job finally? Well,
that’s how it feels when wedding gets settled too. Doesn’t matter if it’s a
love marriage or an arranged...

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10 things that happens when you fall in love!
It has been a dream to experience this and write about it. Falling in love is a beautiful feeling. Suddenly even the scorching summer feels like blossoming Spring. If you are in mid-twenties and get into a relationship for the first time, these things are b...

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Letters to My Prince Charming- IV
Hey Prince, Do you know what the most amazing part of a dream is? It's dreaming. Conjuring different ideas and possibilities on how things will be. Picking that favorite color for wedding dress, food menu, dance practice, days together, what not?! Do you kn...

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Letters to My Prince Charming- III
Hey Charmer, Have you ever taken a minute to
imagine how big this universe is? We’re like a speck of dust that floats in the
air. Invisible and no different from the fellow dust specks. But with that few
grams weighing brain and tons weighing ego, we think ...

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Confession of a Broad Minded Woman- X
“I’m strong in the professional world. In personal life I’m the
softest you will ever see.” A big myth that most of the women
fool themselves with. A strong woman cannot bifurcate her worlds. In fact,
there are no separate worlds called professional and per...

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Letters to My Prince Charming- II
Hey Prince Charming, Another Valentine’s day has
crossed by. Even the kids are celebrating Rose day and Hug day. For you and me,
everyday happens to be special. But with so much love in the air, couldn’t stop
myself from writing this for you. I’m a career d...

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Letters to My Prince Charming- I
Dear Love, I know you are busy conquering
the world. You are on your way and I’m awaiting your arrival. In the mean time,
I thought I will keep inking my love and send it through digital dove so that
they reach you now and then. We shall talk of various thi...

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Confessions of a broad minded Woman- IX
“Hey, relax! I know what you meant. I don’t read between the lines.” A white lie through the teeth.
Even a thesaurus cannot come close to the meanings that we can spin off. From
dissecting the sentence syllable by syllable, to observing the emoticon and

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Confessions of a broad minded woman- VIII
“Temptation will crack under the pressure of tempting me. I
symbolize self control.” Something that every broad-minded
woman says holding her head high. The world can’t agree more. It is a true
blessing that people can’t read our minds like Edward Cullen. I...
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