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Delighted to find out that @slideshare selected my latest presentation as one of the home page features.

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Thanks to Dan Kim & Marcin for sharing their student perspective on A2. River is beautiful! The Spirit of Ann Arbor … …!@dldoyle

One of the things I miss the most is having onsite IT professionals! +Andrew Wilson However, I am surprised at how much I learned at ITS.

So Google Drive is trying to compete with Drop Box? Does anyone else feel like I do?
--It's too much effort to switch all my Drop Box stuff over to gain what? They don't say. 
-- Drop Box expands my storage for free when others share my files, nice benefit.
--Google Drive doesn't play nice with Word. The formatting is problematic.

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A referral network group gave this presentation much praise. It's about how to leverage your network to generate more business leads.

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"The smartphone is the hub of our screen-based media consumption..." Great post and find.
I've just posted an item to my blog that digs into the communications implications of a new study from Google that explores how people routinely use their screen-based devices during a typical 24-hour period. Among the fascinating revelations is the distinction between simultaneous and sequential multiple-device usage. The study makes it clear that, in communications/PR planning, we now must think in terms of multiple devices, not just one medium for delivering content. That includes the likelihood that someone will find you initially on their smartphone -- the backbone of our digital media consumption -- and complete it on a different device. This is exciting stuff, but very disruptive to current communication planning models. I'd love to hear your thoughts.

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Rick Snyder‏@onetoughnerd says @TheAtlantic is headed to Michigan to search for stories on startups. It's a great place to look! Which ones do you think they should check out?

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My latest Huffington Post Detroit blog-Highlights from meeting with 12 small Mich-based tech & marketing companies & US Rep. Dingell.
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