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Kathrin Ivanovic
Social Media Strategist - It's all about relationships!
Social Media Strategist - It's all about relationships!

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I did this once - when I was 19. I practically sobbed through a "I quit". Thank goodness we get wiser with age. I am actually still friends with my boss from that job. shakes head

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There will be free food, free WiFi, and the opportunity to win prizes while working with a lot of cool people dedicated to making big improvements.

Applicants that are selected to attend will have their travel and accommodations covered, and winning hackers on each track will receive €3.000.

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Looking back on this job-hunting process, I feel really lucky and fortunate! I sent 740+ / 11 first interviews (three this coming week) / 5 second interviews (1 this coming week) / 2 final cuts waiting for offers.

If you are in the job-hunting process, I would love to help however I can - give feedback on your resume, share where and how I searched for positions (it became a routine), help with mock interviews, etc. Hit me up offline!

In preparing my references for this position, I have come to realize how many awesome women I know and have had the opportunity to work with. I've only reported to two men in my 13 years in the work-force.

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Catching up on some documentaries I've been wanting to see. The Queen and I is a thoughtful documentary about the former queen of Iran in exile by Nahid Persson Sarvestani, an amazing documentarian (and Iranian refugee) who now lives in Sweden.

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So, I admit it. I was wrong - the current incarnation of Google+ is just the beginning!
Google+ Business/Brand accounts are coming soon!

Here's what people want to see in them:

-Google Analytics integration

-Google Places integration

"Circle groups" - follow a collection of profiles at once (like Twitter lists)


-Bigger hangouts (for chatting with big communities)

What features would you like brand pages to have?

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