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On Trouble
My peace I give you. I do not give to you as
the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be
afraid. —Jesus

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Love As Unconscious Will To Method
Zarathustra proclaimed, ‘There is always some madness in love. But there is also always
some reason in madness’. Love is over and
above method, yet love is madness— which
is method . (As Chesterton put
it, ‘The madman is the man who has lost everything exce...

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The Redoubling of Ressentiment—Bad Conscience, Revenge and the Spirit of Gravity
What value is a
justice if it be birthed in the swamp? Apart from much croaking
and cackling one hears subversive sermonizing as nothing more than a poisonous
swill that nourishes the sermonizers appetite for revenge, for above all it
seeks to condemn its p...

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A Thought on the Midterm Elections
What can be said of
political party when a candidate airs ads promoting she voted against her party on a ‘violence against
women’ act? 

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On Ferguson (repost)
What do the powers claim to establish? It is important to remember, that, in order for the powers to retain power there must be an implicit altruistic motive. In other words, the powers are powerful not simply because they are powerful (holding the most wea...

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The Hearing Paradox
it is true that the beautiful soul exists, I find many of the attacks against
public (i.e. known ) contrarians—genuine
or otherwise—to be some version of the following . . . “We
will listen to you, just as soon as we can no longer hear you.”

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We Are (Not) All Experts
People are equal—opinions
are not. This is a truth democracy apologists ignore often. While it is true
that there is no individual in a ‘meta-position’ who can proffer the rest of us
an absolute solution, the problem is that a disavowal of any ‘higher view’...

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On Meaning, Motive, Will, Belief, Reason
motive, will, belief, reason —one
never ceases retroactively ‘positing presuppositions’.  

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A Few Words From Bruno Latour (On The Irrational Rationality Of Creationists)
If the Bill Nye/Ken
Ham (evolution vs. creationism) ‘debate’ reinforced anything, it is this: some
of the most conspicuous offspring of enlightenment thinking are not New Atheists,
humanists and the like, but rather their ‘official’ enemy: religious fundame...

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The Courageous Weakling
For Chesterton, the
‘conjunction of [the ideas of] being strong and brave’ involved an ‘eternal
paradox’. His logic is simple. The strong are not capable of being courageous
as they are already in the position of the strong. Hence it follows that the
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