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For a really text-based, non-visual person, I've been continually surprised by how much innovations in image searching mean to me.

Love using Search by Image to find original sources. How do you use it?
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We had a great time with it in a recent search workshop in Oregon. Participants were loving the "find images like this" feature in Google. Brilliant.

I see possibilities in education for social studies, architecture and structural contrasts and comparisons, geometrical concepts, historical figures. How image search works has to stop blowing my mind before I can actually use it with kids. Stay tuned.

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I don't think it is all that surprising... Writing is a kind of drawing. Words are pictures that convey specific meanings. Being text-based just means you prefer to get your visuals in a particular format. As with any specialty, this often means you are less able to interpret information that comes in another, impressionistic, format. 
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