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The most accurate and compelling video I have ever seen on a technical subject; and an excellent summary of what Stuxnet is and will become

I prefer text over videos and podcasts, but these 3 minutes and 20 seconds are very well spend. Good and functional animations, perfect narrative, concise but not overly dumbed-down presentation.  

The future of a new generation of viruses ánd the future of visual story telling.

Kudos to Australian TV program HungryBeast and artists Patrick Clair and  Scott Mitchell of production company Zapruder's Other Films. 

Flame will be from the same period as stuxnet. I wrote a two part series of posts about cryptography in Flame.
Flame Virus Uses Cryptographic Approach Unknown to Academic World
Years Of Secret Cryptographic Research Uncovered In 0.02 Seconds


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Draw Me Like One of Your French Girls Jack
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