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speedbunny's playground - enter with care
speedbunny's playground - enter with care

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I'm spending a lot more time on Twitter lately - got a few things coming up where Twitter's going to be the best place to interact with folks.  Do follow me there if you want to be kept up to date! 

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AK Press Fire Relief - Mutual Aid Fund
A fire has torn through the warehouse of anarchist publisher & distributor +AK Press  & a mutual aid fund has been established on GoFundMe to help them & their neighbours get back on their feet. Please spare a few dollars if you can!

For #UK  people, you may recognise  #UniversityChallenge  2015 finalist Cameron J Quinn below, who's a huge supporter of their work!  

#oakland   #anarchist   #mutualaid   #anarchy   #publishing   #books  

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Oh my god, they stole his guitar, the bastards!
Norway / Sweden folk - have you seen this Gretsch for sale?

This beauty belongs to +Sondre Lerche   - it was stolen from storage space in Oslo towards the end of last week. If any of you guys happen to see this for sale or being used, please get in touch, and spread the word to fellow musicans.

#stolengoods   #guitar   #oslo   #norway   #gretschguitars  

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Make thin hamster

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Dumb Boy issues can affect all of us... 
My band, Flightside, are releasing our new single next month - it's in memory of my friend
+Sheila Germain who suffered many Dumb Boy issues in her life.

99% of people who see this status will be plagued by  Dumb Boy issues, or suffer Dumb Boy syndome, Yet less than 0.0001% will remember the track when it becomes available for pre-order on 2nd April....

Since my last update - I've lost two people very dear to me. First, my father passed away on 31st December - then my talented friend +Sheila Germain died at the start of January.  Not the best start to "unlucky '13" for sure.

When life gives you lemons... okay, I really like lemons. Not these kind of lemons, obviously, but... what I'm trying to say is - I'm keeping busy.

I'm remixing one of the Flightside tracks we recorded in Chile,getting to grips with running Dad's trophy business and running a little experiment (that involves entering every single competition listed in the UK through the month of January - whether it's online, by post or by telephone - check out my pal +Di Coke's website  

Also battling on with +Owners Abroad !  That's been 2013 for me so far anyway. Hope my circles are keeping well...

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Just like +Sheila O'Shea  I've taken the great plunge, and gone Facebook Free (for the month of October, at least). You can follow how I get on whilst taking a Facebook Break on my blog - and of course, I'm much more likely to check in here every once in a while whilst I'm woking my life out!

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Fail safe guide to implementing event tracking in Google Analytics.

☜s & ✿s
Searched for / on Google just now, got a bunch of results about Slash!

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"Maybe it's a little bit dangerous..."
When I went to Chile as part of Start-Up Chile six months ago, I had no idea which way my life would turn. The original plan was to set up a travel agency.

Instead, I ended up setting up a record label, releasing a song with my band, and having the bizarre experience of waking up and hearing myself being played on the radio.

It seems like forever between announcing this was going to happen and it actually happening. But the single is available today. Listen for free on Spotify, or if you like it, you can buy it from Amazon or iTunes.

It's been an adventure.
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