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Blitz Paintball

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Check out your leadership for the event!!

Crabs (Aliens):

General - Andy Potter (Valken Sports, formerly with EMR and Blues Crew)
Captain of Special Ops: Guy Cooper (Prostar Sports, Field owners bible, paintball history museum)


General - Jim May (Blitz Paintball)

Captain of Special Ops: Eathen Hall (Hustle Paintball)

Their will be Teleporting and explosive Aliens!! Their will be rocket attacks, Artillery, .......and even a possible Nuclear strike!!

Registration is open, their will be thousands in prizes awarded for both great play and free raffles for registered participants only!!!!

Remember $15 per registered participant goes to wounded warrior project, support a great cause!!

Check in will start promptly at 9 AM

You can call 303-337-7109, hit the Book now button on Facebook or the reserve now button on our website and go to "special events and tournaments to register!

Join Bio-Hazard Invasion now!!
1 Day Scenario Event
$75 Covers:
Semi Auto Rental if needed ( non transferable)
All Day Air
1 2000 round Case of Paint
2 hot dogs, bag of chips and a water
$85 to join the day of the event.

Sunday, May 18th 2014
$15 from each registered participant will be donated to the Wounded Warrior Project!! A great cause, get involved!! Have a great time and help our wounded Veterans!!
Everyone thought that if there was ever an alien invasion, they would come by ship and lay waste to the Earth.
No one suspected the reality. The greatest threat to mankind would be alien in nature but microscopic.
They had visited our planet before, when mankind was young. The conditions on the earth were not suitable for colonization. They returned to their home world to start the planetary reformation process. They have developed a process that is highly successful and has been used many times in their past. They developed a virus to reform the earth into something more comfortable by using its most intelligent and adaptable mammal. The Virus design is highly contagious, supplanting Human DNA with a alien Human hybrid. Turning Human Beings into loyal subjects, programed to convert or destroy the rest of the Human population and then engineer planetary and atmospheric reformation. They lunched the virus thousands of years ago, then moved to the next step in their process.
It began in early 2014. When the microscopic alien spores started falling through Earths atmosphere. Most spores perished, however the remaining amount infected people all over the world. The infection spread easily through much of the population. Before we knew what hit us, 50% of the population was alien. Yet many of us, if not nearly half, had a natural resistance. Not immune but much harder to infect and subvert.
The alien/Human hybrids organized and attacked. Forcibly infecting the resistant population and killing those who resisted to strongly. We are now fighting back!
By taking prisoners, we have learned the following:
Everything you have read above.
The Aliens are amphibious creatures with a thick exoskeleton whose body resembles a large arachnid, they can communicate through pheromones and sound waves, math, music and many other methods.
Humans cannot form their words, so we just call them "Crabs" ... Seems to upset the Hybrids.
The Hybrids retain human form and functionality, but have a thick layer of hardened skin, yellow eyes and poor hygiene.
However, there was a miscalculation by the invaders. They believed man would still be tribal hunters and gatherers making the conversion process simple. They did not account for the massive advances Human's had achieved in the time between their visit and the arrival of the spores.
Now, the battle for the Earth is joined.
Aliens trying to infect or kill the remaining humans.
Humans desperately fighting and looking for a cure!
There will be raffles for great prizes, prizes and awards for fantastic performing players and teams!!
$15 from each registered participant will be donated to the Wounded Warrior Project!! A great cause, get involved!! Have a great time and help our wounded Veterans!!
Join Bio-Hazard Invasion now!!
1 Day Scenario Event
$75 Covers:
Semi Auto Rental if needed ( non transferable)
All Day Air
1 2000 round Case of Paint
2 hot dogs, bag of chips and a water
$85 to join the day of the event.

There will be Generals, Captains who are controlling special forces, general troops, and walk-on players. There will be a limited number of special force positions and we will take applications after deciding on the amount and type. We will keep you posted!!
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Blitz Paintball

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Preregistration is open for the April 6th 5 man. You can register online by hitting the reserve now button on either Facebook or and then click special event and tournament registration. Scroll down and select the B.C.S. April 6th 5 man. Then follow the instructions! Or you can call 303-337-7109 and register your Team. This year you have until 3 days prior to receive preregistration price. The remaining few days the price goes up. Registration ends at 5 PM sharp, Saturday April 5th. Online registration ends 3 days prior to the event. The Season begins!
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Blitz Paintball

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Blitz Paintball

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Looking for a weekend job?
Blitz will be filling a few positions for the upcoming season.
Steady weekend work from Mid March until Mid November.
For some, there is work during the week available.
At times it is hard work but it is FUN work as well.
Starts slightly above minimum wage with opportunity for advancement with increased pay as well as seasonal pay increases.
Whether you are working during the week and would like extra money, looking to work several days during the week as well as weekends during the Summer, or just looking to work weekends and not work during the week, Blitz has a position for you!
Perks including discounts on paintball play, Paint and Gear!

Apply now as our weekend positions are often fully staffed by late March /early April!
Contact Josiah @ 303-337-7109 for details or come by the Blitz on Saturdays or Sundays and fill out an application!
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Blitz Paintball  2014 Calendar of Paintball events!!
4/6 B.C.S. 5 Man
5/4 B.C.S. 3 Man
5/18 Bio hazard – Invasion / Scenario event
6/1 B.C.S. 5 Man
7/13 B.C.S. 3 Man
7/19 Hustle Paintball hosted Mag fed event – Scenario Event
8/3 B.C.S. 5 Man
8/31 B.C.S. 5 Man – Dynamic Autism Charity Tournament @ Blitz
9/ 4,5,6,7 A.P.L Mile High Open – National Pro Tournament
Also keep your eye out for the Colorado Summer Scenario events which both the Scenarios at Blitz are part of.
This will give the scenario enthusiast 1 event a month at local Colorado fields! 
Here is tentative schedule, dates and name subject to change.
5/18 Bio Hazard @ Blitz
6/7 D-Day Dynamic Paintball & Airsoft
7/19 Hustle Mag Fed
8/16 PBA (to be announced)
9/20  Red Dawn @ A.P.C.
New policies for 2014
Check out our new Airsoft flat rate of $15!!
 The inside of all buildings on the Military base field (the main field for Airsoft play) will be power washed this spring to keep it clean for Airsoft!
You can always make an Airsoft reservation, however now Blitz will have Airsoft walk on play days!!! Just show up and Play!!
The following Dates will have Airsoft Walk on:
Every Friday from Memorial day to the 3rd Friday of August and the following Sundays:
3/16/14 – 4/13/14 – 5/25/14 – 6/22/14 – 7/20/14 – 8/10/14 – 9/14/14
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Blitz Paintball

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As many know, we are always working to make the B.C.S. a top quality tournament experience. In an effort to make each Division as true to its intended skill level as possible the following changes have been made for classifications and roster make up in each division. Please review and make the required adjustments to your roster.

The following changes were made.
1. Anyone who has played a national event in the last 5 years at D3 or higher is Open Class.

2. On a Novice team, the guesting open class players may not be ranked above D3 by the APPA nor have played above D3 at any National event in the last 3 Years.

3. On a Rookie Team, the guesting However, the Novice players may not have competed in any Blitz Open class tournaments in the last 3 years. Also, the Novice player may not have played any National event at D3 or higher in the last 5 years.

Full Details:

Division 1: Open Class, All players who have played Nationals at D3 or higher within the last 5 years. Any player or team who has competed in open class as more than just a filler for 1 event. Any Novice team who finishes in the top 2 in season points must play open class the next season. However no team may field more than 3 players for 5 man or 2 players for 3 man who is ranked Div 2 or higher by either professional league who has played in that league in the last 2 years.

* Open class players and teams may petition Blitz to be reinstated as novice after 1 season in Open for the following reasons.

Team consistently places near or at the bottom of open class for 1 season.
Player or team loses the ability to compete in open due to injury or loss of players.
Player or team has had an extended leave from paintball and skill level no longer warrants open class.

* players petition will be judged on their merits. * Only 1 team per year will be allowed to return to novice.

* To petition, Team or player must have the agreement and signature of at least 6 Novice captains.

Division 2: Novice, All players no longer rookie who do not play nationals at D3 or higher or have not played at that level for the last 5 years, that have not played open class as more than a guest for an event, or have not placed in the top 2 in season points. Or any open class player or team who has successfully petitioned to be reinstated as novice. Novice teams may have 2 open class player in 5 man and 1 in 3 man to help guide and develop the team. However, the open class players may not be ranked above D3 by the APPA nor have played above D3 at any National event in the last 3 Years.

Division 3: Rookie, Any player or team who has under 5 tournaments in experience (1 season), who have NEVER played above rookie. Rookie teams may have up to 2 novice players in 5 man and 1 in 3 man to help guide and develop the team. However, the Novice players may not have competed in any Blitz Open class tournaments in the last 3 years. Also, the Novice player may not have played any National event at D3 or higher in the last 5 years.
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Blitz Paintball

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Great times at Blitz!
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Blitz Paintball

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Do you like to make paintball videos?
Would you like to win something for making a Video at Blitz?
Do you want your video to get a lot of exposure?


Blitz Paintball has a video contest!

Just like this Video Hustle Paintball made of Blitz, winning Videos will be featured on our website, Google plus page, You Tube channel and Facebook!
Winners will also receive 2 free entries and 2 cases of paint!

Here is how it works!

Please do not use copyrighted music, you may find non copyrighted and royalty free music by searching for it on You Tube or Google.
You may post it on your You Tube Channel and let us know where it is. You must then send a email granting permission for Blitz to re-post the video on our website contact page. Or you can message us on Facebook.
You may Mail it to:
Blitz Paintball 5340 Summit Blvd. Dacono, Co 80514
Or upload it to your face book page and let us know where it is.

On all correspondence make sure you include your contact information and name you wish used for proper accreditation.

We will pick winners periodically, ranging from every month to every 3 months or so depending on volume of submitted Video's.

We will then upload the Video to our Channel and post it on our media sites insuring your video is seen by thousands of people every month! Also we will send you a gift certificate for 2 free entries and 2 cases of paint!

We can't wait to see what you come up with!!
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Blitz Paintball

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American Paintball League will hold a Denver event!!
Check them out on facebook at APLPaintball or

Mile High Open @ Blitz Paintball!

September 5th, 6th, 7th 2014


Due to this event we have found it beneficial for all to change the B.C.S. schedule.

Please note

Event # 5 changes from August 10th to August 3rd
Event # 6 Dynamic Autism tournament changes from September 7th to August 31st and becomes a 5 Man!

New Schedule of Tournaments at Blitz Paintball Inc.


April 6th 5 Man

May 4th 3 Man

June 1st 5 Man

July 13th 3 Man

August 3rd 5 Man

August 31st 5 Man Dynamic Autism Charity Tournament
( Changing to 5 Man will give the teams a perfect practice on APL fields the week before the event!!)


Mile High Open
September 5th, 6th, 7th 2014

Lets have an INCREDIBLE tournament season!!
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Contact Information
Map of the business location
5340 Summit Blvd Dacono, CO 80514
5340 Summit BlvdUSCODacono80514
Paintball CenterToday 10:00 am – 6:00 pm
Monday 10:00 am – 6:00 pmTuesday 10:00 am – 6:00 pmWednesday 10:00 am – 6:00 pmThursday 10:00 am – 6:00 pmFriday 10:00 am – 6:00 pmSaturday 10:00 am – 6:00 pmSunday 10:00 am – 6:00 pm
Blitz Paintball is the jewel of the Rocky Mountain region! With incredible play-zones including a Castle, and one of the Worlds finest tournament zones!

Paintball is perfect for Birthday Parties, Bachelor and Bridal Parties, as well as team or company events. Or, just come out on the weekend and enjoy walk on play!!
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Huge paintball facility sporting a 2-story castle & recreational & tournament fields for all ages.- Google
People talk about field paint, air ball and tournament
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Zach Rithner's profile photo
Zach Rithner
reviewed a month ago
Best place to play in Colorado for sure. Great prices, amazing staff/refs, and the fields are phenomenal. They take safety very seriously and always draw a huge crowd of new players (most of whom will come back for more!). The veteran players are nice and always helpful. When I play paintball, Blitz is the place I play.
Thomas Williams
reviewed a month ago
Throughout the many years I have been involved in paintball, there is one place I will always call my "home" field. Blitz is a one of a kind field. The atmosphere and the employees are what make the field drag you in. Not only do they have one of the biggest netted fields that simulates a warzone. They have the best Speedball courses I have ever played the game on. The turf and new bunkers are simply perfect. I highly recommend Blitz Paintball to be the place you go play paintball. It not only is a great place to visit, but a guaranteed time of your life. If your "thing", like mine, is to go load up some guns with paint and go all out with your friends or fellow players. Blitz Paintball is the IDEAL place to be.
• • •
Bill Patterson
reviewed a month ago
I grew up playing paintball back in the 80's. Just going out in fields with friends. Paintball has come a long way over the last 25 years. Blitz has the best plying fields i have ever seen. The employees are very organized and helpful weather you are a beginner or a vet. in the sport. My wife and I took our son out with his friends for a birthday party and we all had a great time. You all need to check this place out.
Buck Raeder's profile photo
Buck Raeder
reviewed 4 weeks ago
Blitz paintball, where do I even start. Well, there is one downside of Blitz and that is being 35 minutes away from my house but other than that it is amazing. The staff is on point; being funny, joking around, giving you tips and tricks and being very safe (mask on & barrel sock on rule) this place is awesome. They have three different grades of paint which helps a lot. Over all this is by far the best field to play at.
Scott Tolson's profile photo
Scott Tolson
reviewed 2 weeks ago
I have been playing paintball since 1989 and have been to numerous fields across the United States, creating a wish list of things that would make up a field of dreams. I used to play at Raza which at the time I considered a dream. Since Blitz has rebuilt and refreshed itself I now consider this THE field paintball field of dreams surpassing everywhere I’ve been before. There are beautiful fields back east but Blitz really has it all; from 2 meticulously maintained regulation sized air ball fields with attached pits and air to spools and hyperball fields to exciting elaborate scenario fields. Every type of paintball you could want to play is here to be explored. They've had a long running tournament series which is a blast. Reffing is great and the competition is always top notch. The facilities are outstanding as well, from the covered staging areas to BBQ’d lunch and nicely stocked store. And to make the adventure that much more enjoyable, the staff is super friendly and helpful. They are very safety conscience while trying to make your time there as fun as possible. There is no place I’d rather play paintball than at Blitz!
• • •
Jen Sala's profile photo
Jen Sala
reviewed 3 weeks ago
In one word AMAZING. We came here for a birthday party for my son yesterday. The staff was great, the lines got long but everyone worked their butts off to keep the line moving quickly. The courses are fun and the Refs are a huge part of the success of this field. We will be back and I would recommend them to anyone looking to have some real fun!