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Interesting example of why community decision-making can fail miserably.

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(via +Jon Stroop)

"This document describes a REST API proposed by the International Image Interoperability Framework (IIIF) group for the delivery of images via a standard http request. The IIIF API specifies a web service that returns an image in response to a standard http or https request. The URL can specify the region, size, rotation, color characteristics and format of the requested image. Alternatively, simple named profiles can be defined that represent common combinations of parameters, such as 'large' and 'mobile'. The IIIF API was conceived of to facilitate systematic sharing of image resources between digital image repositories maintained by cultural heritage organizations. The API could be adopted by any image repository or service, and can be used to retrieve static images in response to a properly constructed URL."

I wish Google+ Would just read the categories I have for my Gmail contacts and make circles from those
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