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This is why we exist !!! .....This time last year, I felt incredibly alone, isolated and different. I felt like none of my friends would, or could, understand how I was feeling. I couldn't even articulate out loud, not even to myself, how I was feeling. It took months and months or worrying silently in my room, playing out fantasy scenarios in my car and frantic scouring of the internet before I was finally ready to admit, to myself, the truth.

My name is Annie, I’m 23 and gay. 

Once the final piece of the puzzle fell into place, I had an incredibly daunting and scary task to face – coming out. I grew up in a very white, middle-class, hetero-centric environment. I didn’t have any gay friends, and neither did my parents. I knew of one boy at school who was gay, and had been bullied mercilessly as a result. I was terrified, and had no idea how those I loved would respond to my truth. 

And then I found SupportU – who offered me a lifeline into a world that seemed impenetrable. They gave me instant support and, most importantly, the words I needed to start to talk. There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that without SupportU, and in particular Claire, that I would still be cowering in the closet. 

Claire took me to my first gay bar (goodness know why I was so scared, but I felt sick to my stomach with fear) and made me realise what I already knew deep down, that the people who mattered wouldn’t care who I love. She introduced me to a bunch of amazing people and was always at the end of the phone if I’d had a difficult day. 

A lot has happened since I came out, some people took it better than others, and some needed a little longer to come round. But despite the difficult year, the tears and anguish, nothing makes me happier than walking down the street holding the hand of the girl I love. And I will always owe a portion of that happiness to Claire and the team at SupportU, who were there when I felt like I had no-one. 

They don’t lie, it really does get better.

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Our 2 year story so far...
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