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Tips for Storing Electronics

Most household items are pretty easy to store. However, electronics are a whole different story. In order to keep these items safe and in good working condition, they need to be stored delicately. Water is obviously damaging to electronics, but extreme temperatures will also cause damage. 

Berkeley Self Storage offers these tips to help you safely storage your electronics. 

1. Do not wrap electronics in plastic. Plastic does not allow moisture to dry, so it will cause your electronics to get wet. Using sheets, towels, or packaging blankets to prevent dust build-up.
2. If there are detachable wires or chords, remove them. If there are multiple chords and attachments, it would be a good idea to label each of them individually.
3. Dehumidifying agents such as silica gel packets are great to store with your electronics. These will absorb moisture before it has the opportunity to damage your electronics.
4. Batteries can leak acid, thus causing corrosion, so remove all of them before storing. 
5. Use board or pallets on the floor of the storage unit to avoid scratches and water damage.
6. Back up any data on an external hard drive before storing any computers. This will ensure that none of your valuable information will be lost.
7. Bubble wrap is a great way to protect glass screens, monitors, or scanners. 

Berkeley Self Storage offers many different sizes and types of storage units to help keep your electronics safe. For more information, visit our site today!

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When you run out of space in your office, don’t feel like you have to spend all your money on warehouse rentals or a bigger office. Space is a coveted thing, and necessary for any business succeed. When space runs out, the clutter begins, and business efficiency goes down. So, in order to keep efficiency up, rent out Berkeley Self Storage today.
A big benefit of renting out business storage in Berkeley is the security it provides for your valuables. Small businesses are more prone to robberies. Berkeley Self Storage provides top-notch security features to keep your valuables safe. We have 24-hour security cameras and a fully fenced facility that is only accessible by your gate code.

The most budget-friendly way to get more space in your office building is to rent out Storage in Berkeley. At Berkeley Self Storage, we won’t tie you down to big long-term contracts with hidden fees. Our prices are straightforward and low. We offer month-to-month contracts, which allows for a lot of flexibility with your business.

The biggest benefit however, is of course, the much-coveted freed-up office space. In every office building, there are important items that are unnecessarily stored in the office. Such as documents, extra furniture, and supplies. Business Storage in Berkeley is the perfect way to store these items to free up the space in your office. 

If you’re interested in business storage, get in touch with us today! Visit our website today. We look forward to hearing from you!
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