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Form for the second round of chrome RES decals is closing this Friday morning... forever!
Chrome Key Round 2Due to overwhelming response from Asia, I'm opening up a second round of Resistance chrome-plated key decals. These are incredible pieces (molded plastic and plated in chrome), meant for vehicles, but look good on laptops and other things as well. The piece comes with adhesive strip on the back that is meant to last the lifetime of your vehicle. Size is 3.5" tall by 2.4" wide. This form will be open from now until August 7th, 8AM EDT (noon GMT...
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The (probable) source of the faction symbols.
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I have always thought this, but it is nice to see it laid out simply here. Nice format and share.
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As a member of the United Chicagoland Resistance, I want to express gratitude and deepest thanks to the team at Washington D.C. Persepolis Enlightened. As some of you may know, the UCR flag was lost during the recent anomaly. The flag was hand made with much love for Ingress and its communities by +Adina Weinig, and has been proudly flown in more XM anomaly events than agents I know have attended. The UCR community and I are touched and humbled by the generosity of the Washington D.C. Persepolis Enlightened, who raised funds and have made a huge donation to replace the UCR flag. Below is a copy of the letter accompanied with the donation:

Resistance Agents of Chicago,

Upon hearing that the Chicago Resistance lost their flag during the GORUCK challenge at Washington DC on May 30th, the D.C. Enlightened Persepolis attendees collected donations to help replace it. The Enlightened want to demonstrate that behind the scanner we are all humans and can empathize with one another. We recognize and admire the physical and mental challenges both factions faced by participating in the GORUCK. Items like the UCR flag represent more than a geographic area. They are the collective embodiment of experiences that cannot be repeated. We hope the Chicago area Resistance accept our donation in the amount of $190 for materials and the time required to make a new flag in the spirit of sportsmanship.

The Washington D.C. Persepolis Enlightened

(I'd like to personally thank +Andrew Krug and +Vikki Evans  who helped immensely in making this possible. I would also like to thank the global Ingress community as a whole, the GORUCK community, and the amazing team at +GORUCK HQ for their kind wishes and overwhelming support in response to the announcement of the flag's missing.)

+Ingress +NIA Ops +John Hanke +Brandon Badger +Joe Philley +Brian Rose +Matilde Tusberti +Anne Beuttenmüller +Linda Besh +Ethan Lepouttre +Susanna Moyer
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Forgot to add these to my comicon purchases post. 
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Kristin Lear

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Thursday from 5pm-9pm, there will be some outside festivities, if anyone is interested. (No comicon tickets required)
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A source sent this my way. It seems that a new sub-network of Portals is emerging across Japan, and they seem to be connected to a company called Ito En Ltd.

If you come across one while out in the field, please share the details here so that we can investigate further.

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Thank you for all of the time, money, miles traveled and passion you put into Persepolis. It was a hard fought, and frankly, surprising win.  Let’s be honest, it wasn’t our best work (as a group, obviously, clearly there are always heroes and we see you and thank you for your devotion.).  Gone are the days of Magnus when we were the underdogs. Over time we have become entitled;  in many instances it would seem that we’ve lost our fire. The Resistance must look inwards and find its center; we are heartened that in moments of crisis, such as this last week, we found it again and it is strong. 

Granted, we had difficult anomaly sites and shard targets that didn’t favor us. Some places lagged behind on the newest advances and others faced too much drama to capitalize on our shared and cumulative knowledge.  However, deep in the heart of the Resistance is a passion and anger that drives us forward over unspeakable odds, even ones we erect ourselves. We have succeeded time after time and will continue to do so.

No win is assured. No moment of success should go uncherished, for it is special.  We must remember anew what makes us all the Resistance.  We must refocus, redirect, and devote  ourselves to learning from our mistakes, and yet be comforted that at our core we have and will do great things. 

Care for each other; remember the bonds that tie us together. We have a bright, exciting future ahead where we can dip into our creative spirits and innovate our response to ever increasing challenges. 

Blue Skies for Days...
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156 P8, 624 AXA Shields, fully linked & fielded
Saturday April 18th, 07:30, Vancouver Resistance

#Ingress   #vancouver   #VanRE   #IngressFortress   #AXAShields  
+AXA Insurance +Ingress  +Joe Philley +Brian Rose +NIA Ops 

What’s the best shield in Ingress?_
Of course it is the AXA Shield from +AXA Insurance.

Where’s the best farm in Vancouver, BC, Canada?
The Mountain View Cemetery. (Fraser and 41st)

First it was just a silly thought, “We should do an all AXA build of the Graveyard!”

Mountain View Cemetery is owned and operated by the City of Vancouver since 1886, and it’s not only a cemetery, but also a public park. Many people have picnics, walk their dogs, and go for a run in there. There’s also many events held on the premises, such as the annual All Souls Event during Halloween, and smaller events like the Solstice Dance in their Celebration Hall.

Did we forget to mention it’s home to a large number of portals and many agents frequent it to play Ingress? We affectionately call it the Graveyard, or GY for short, and it’s divided into three major sections: North, Middle, and South. A departed RES agent is memorialized in the Cemetery’s Wall of Memories; many of us visit him every time we’re there. He himself spent much time playing Ingress in the GY when he was active, and was very enthusiastic with the game, and his teammates. He would have very much approved of our endeavor, and likely would have eagerly participated if he could.

In February, the Mexico ENL did it first with 171 AXA’s!, then the RES in Poland topped it with 340 AXA’s Ours would be bigger, 624 AXA’s, but the plan went on to the back burner.

Ideas like a much larger all-AXA build don’t expire. A little later, people started talking about it again, a roll call was made to gauge interest, and the Vancouver RES responded with gusto! 30 Agents quickly came up with commitments for 834 AXA to contribute to the cause.

It was fun! A great bonding experience between fellow agents. Some of whom usually play Ingress alone and saw this as an opportunity to unite with their faction. A simultaneous multi-day Smurf-nado Op was also underway to eradicate ENL farms in the whole region. The goal was to starve the other side of gear and then give them a stronger RES target of the likes they had never faced before.

What did we need? 4 AXA’s for every portal in the South Graveyard. It quickly became apparent that we had enough interest and AXA’s, and then some. So the target was changed from just the South Graveyard to all three parts; besides, what’s the point of just doing it, when we could over-do it! The whole project was kept secret as agents planned and amassed the coveted AXA’s for this momentous build.

When the planning was complete - agents hoarded their Jarvis as well in case they were needed to fix portals that had lesser mods.

Agents volunteered for various tasks: Deploy, Link/Field, and MOD. Others volunteered to participate in off-site distraction teams, though eventually deemed unnecessary from the efforts of the Smurf-nado Op which commenced the night before. The ENL farms and strongholds lay in ruins as our RES agents were poised to start at first light on a Saturday morning as the ENL slept.

0700: All agents were on site and ready.

0715: AXA were collected from those present in person or by proxy through other agents while we prepared and went through final pre-build briefings.

0718: Intel Alert! An ENL headed towards the GY. Were our plans blown before even starting? They’re right outside, quick, hide so they don’t even have a chance of sighting of us.

0726: Phew, the ENL has headed off not seeing us, none of the wiser. Probably just passing by on their way to work. A few other ENL have now also popped up on Intel, but not nearly as close as that one. With a sigh of relief, we were ready to proceed.

0730: Deploy teams started simultaneously in multiple sections to minimize execution time in case the build was interrupted. They also hacked as they went and distributed keys to the linking teams who followed on foot.

0740: Would the ENL notice and arrive to spoil the party, the MOD teams nervously pondered as they patiently waited for the build teams. The plan was to wait until the entire GY was fully linked & fielded before putting the icing on the cake, the AXA’s. A precautionary measure due to the stakes involved, in case of ENL interference or building mistakes. Every AXA was too precious to be wasted, and the local ENL were known for their aggressive GY Build interference.

0805: Every minute that passed, the tension grew.   The tension was getting unbearable, should the MOD teams go or not go? Then all of a sudden and surprisingly out of nowhere, oh hey….the coffee and doughnuts are here. The MOD Teams kicked back and enjoyed the sugary treats and caffeine while the build continued on.

0812: With the South GY nearly complete, and the Middle and North still underway; The decision is made among the MOD teams to start laying the AXA’s down now in the South GY instead of waiting for the completion of the entire GY. It was a calculated risk they decided to go with, or perhaps it was merely the sugar rush and caffeine impairing their judgement. No matter, we were committed now, it was a go!

0849: South GY fully AXA’ed, 88 P8 with 352 AXA’s. We just topped the previous record of 85 P8’s with 340 AXA’s, and we still had a little less than another half of the GY to do.

0852: With the North GY still being built and some deploy teams finished and digging into the doughnuts and coffee now, a MOD team runs out of AXA’s to deploy in the Middle GY. Solution, dispatch a RES bike courier to ferry AXA’s to the team for a restock!

0903: Middle GY fully AXA’ed, add another 30 P8’s and 120 AXA’s. Cha-Ching!

0928: North GY fully AXA’ed, another 38 P8’s and 152 AXA’s!

0930: We’re done! The entire GY P8 and fully AXA’ed without interference.
TOTAL: 156 P8’s and 624 AXA’s!

Time to head off to breakfast location for the well earned “after party”!

And for a while the scanner skies were an unobstructed beauty of blue.

Many of our agents had been hoarding power cubes to battle off the eventual attack on our masterpiece. All teams kept keys for the portals ready for recharging.

For hours our scanners were silent. ENL agents had clearly checked the Intel Map, and realized this would be no ordinary farm smash. The first wave of attacks came around 11:00 with a group of four experienced ENL agents known for smashing. This was significant in four ways:

1. Most farms are smashed by one well-armed player at a time.
2. They were frustrated by the excellent stopping power of AXA, and they Jarvis’d several portals in vain since we just ADA’ed them back an hour later.
3. The usual GY farm can be destroyed in an hour or two, but in this case the ENL were there for over 8 hours the first day.
4. Most importantly … they gave up. It’s been reported one ENL agent alone used around 1100 L8 Bursters without causing significant damage with his allies amidst the recharging!

By noon, some of the original build team members were back from breakfast for round two. They came back to restock gear, and repaired the minor damage that had happened in the first wave of assaults. Other RES agents also came to visit and farm the GY, they too were able to help repair the damage and restock on gear. Many had been destroying ENL farms before during the Operation Smurf-nado to prevent the ENL from replenishing gear, and the Op was still ongoing that day and the next. It was quite satisfying knowing while the ENL were hopelessly using up their bursters on our AXA farm, we were farming it at the same time and going out to destroy more of their portals.

For many more hours the ENL first wave fought a losing battle, and finally left in defeat and no gear. A second wave of four experienced and well armed ENL agents then arrive around 23:00, hours after the last RES agent has retired for the night, and they stayed well past midnight assaulting the AXA farm. They too left in defeat and no gear.

In the days to come, despite daily visits from particular ENL who targeted the AXA portals specifically, it was more than 10 days before the final AXA portal fell. And for this there was a brief moment of silence as Vancouver RES saw the end of their Ultimate GY AXA Farm … for now.

Special mention goes to the following agents:
@nuged: For running Intel and capturing the event on-screen
@masterfod: For supplying coffee and doughnuts
@tallgoddess: For supplying delicious homemade granola bars

Platinum AXA contributors who went way beyond the call of duty:
@inspectre, @harrypotter7890, @blitzwing, @justjaime,&@xqwzts

Other AXA contributors included (in alphabetical order)
@AlphaLee, @bengalrune, @bombini, @eetsameeabobio, @exer, @glint, @illusionatrix, @isentrope, @jacquespackage, @jenntastic, @Katanashi, @KontrolFreak, @Manaw88, @masterfod, @MindlessDrone, @nagasakichow, @nuged, @orac23, @pxlus, @runix, @Shoekey, @SiiRuHs, @soulravenx, @tallgoddess, @tmclunn, @Vestry, @vikkerragnarok
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That's a lot of missions in one place
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United Chicagoland Resistance has a new banner!
The Chicago Enlightened presented the United Chicagoland Resistance with a brand-new UCR banner, as seen in the group photo from Ingress First Saturday on June 6. Upon learning about the loss of our flag one week prior, their team extended a very thoughtful gesture. This unexpected and generous gift shows the strength and respect of the community that makes Ingress so much more than a game.

On behalf of the United Chicagoland Resistance – Thank you, Chicago Enlightened! We are proud to be part of the Ingress community in Chicago!

#Ingress   #IngressFS   #Resistance   #Enlightened   #AgentStory   #SitRep   #Persepolis   #IngressReport  

Photo +Vikki Evans 

+Ingress +Niantic Project +John Hanke +Brandon Badger +Joe Philley +Brian Rose +Kelly Kolton +Brian Peterson
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Comicon purchases.
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+Android Headlines why are you pretending this post: is a deal? The prices of that phone is $199 or $299. if comments weren't disabled I would have made this reply there, but I can't. please fix this error. 
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