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Good luck to all #UPCAT examinees

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Day dreaming kitten

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Why why why? I'm uncircling you +Vic Gundotra :)

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Note3 4.4.2 firmware vs CF-Auto-Root

I have just updated the CF-Auto-Root for the Note3, and it now works with the 4.4.2 firmware for the Note3.

I had to rebase on the new 4.4.2 recovery to get it working. I also had to update my Note3 to the latest bootloaders to even get it to boot at all (regardless of root).

As such, I can't say for sure if the new CF-Auto-Root still works on 4.3 firmwares, so if you're still on a 4.3 firmware, please be so kind as to test and report back.

For the same reason, I'm also not sure if it'll work if you have not updated your bootloaders. I'm sure some of you have flashed this latest firmware without the new bootloaders, so let me know if it works for that case as well.

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Instructions For a Bad Day

Never ignore someone who truly cares for you because someday you'll realize you've lost a diamond while you were busy collecting stones.

Get your unified UI VLC 2.0 now!

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New Windows logo now looks more like a window than a flag

Open Source projects are taken in by some as Free R & D without giving something back.
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