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This is the hanging guide for my exhibition at the Format Festival earlier this year.

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Paris, October 2010. I had a nap in a nearby field soon after I made this photograph, the only time in all my adventures I stopped for a snooze.

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I bought Chris Verene's latest book 'Family' on a whim and boy, was it worth it, it's a surprisingly affecting book.

Unlike the plethora of sober and concerned works around the theme of "my XXX YYY",

(where XXX is an adjective such as drunken, dying, mentally disturbed, old, drug addicted or sexually promiscuous and YYY is a family member such as father, mother, uncle, neighbour or grandmother)

'Family', like some of the best examples of the genre (e.g. Larry Sultan, Mitch Epstein, Leonie Hampton) isn't overwhelmed by earnestness or seriousness. There are some wondrously intimate and funny photographs accompanied by some which are terribly sad. The work is also a terrific example of how text can greatly augment a series of photographs. Highly recommended!

Book preview:
Exhibition review:

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I may never see this many undeveloped rolls of film lying on my floor ever again.

Chongqing: HOLY SHIT

Looking through satellite maps of Shanghai... two observations:

1. I can't believe how much has changed in just 4 years. Well, I can but to see it is just incredible.

2. More "what-the-hell-is-THAT?!" moments than in any other mapping experience that I can remember!

I am confronted by the impenetrability of Chinese maps and it is daunting...

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Don't forget, this event is taking place on Wednesday in Brighton! I'll definitely be contributing more than just my 2 cents!

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Ok, the time has come. I seriously doubt anyone on my Google Plus or Facebook lists will be interested in this, but I am selling much of my 35mm rangefinder kit!

Anyone interested?
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