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Mukisa Kibaya
Founder of Maniak Studios
Founder of Maniak Studios

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Sleep Work Eat Study. Sleep Work Eat Study. Sleep Work Eat Study. Sleep Work Eat Study. No time to breathe. Sleep Work Eat Study. Sleep Work Eat Study. Sleep Work Eat Study. No time to be.

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What It's Like To Be Me
What is it like to be me? I don't really expect to see many girls like me on the TV But it's a good thing I don't watch Bombarded by messages about who I should be and what I should have It's a good thing I like who I am and what I've got I have gotten used...

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Airtight Exchange (#30)
I wish I was Strong enough to Live in a vacuum Then maybe I could live Then maybe I could love Like pure Love like free Because this love was fragile Tenuous Like a wet paper towel It could only wipe up the mess if you set it the right way But we got tangle...

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bewitched (#29)
oh, you you think you know me so well you have me under your spell hell, i'll admit that it was hard to resist your singular charm i didn't see the harm of saying yes after saying no so many times just tired of being guarded and lonely-hearted nobody unders...

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Remote Control (#28)
A foreign object That rarely stays in my hand Remotely controls the TV Remotely from my person Because I can't seem to find the time It is no longer mine Obligations at every turn My eyes burn From staring at computer screens While the TV stares blankly back

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Blind Spot (#27)
I always learned I always knew That when I was driving To check my blind spot But I know now That it is futile Because I can still be blindsided anyway.

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Heaviness (#26)
Heaviness Is physical Mental and Spiritual I can remember Points in my life At one time or another Feeling them Sometimes out of reluctance Of pain A soul of lead Maybe from gunshots Heard from a song on the radio Or bad news Maybe my body is an anchor Stif...

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Ecology of Tenacity (#25)
I knew that this wasn't asking What tenacity is made up of Or what my tenacity is made up of Since then it would be Physiology of Tenacity But my tenacity reacts Like Yogi Stronger than your average bear I overwhelm and sometimes amaze others And other time...

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One Way (#24)
There's only one way To finish what I've started With despair and brokenhearted I know the finish line is there But for now I can't see it

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Uptown Bliss (#23)
I must admit Right about now I really hate The creators of this challenge Showing the bones, I know But there's no other place to go But reality And the reality is this Politics is a part of life Laws and the people who make Affect everyday decisions And in...
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