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What has been the biggest thing for you in wwdc keynote announcement?
For me the ability of removing the stock apps is the best thing
Mainly not because of finally removing the silly apple apps but because if Apple is smart enough they will update the apps without updating a big ios update
So more rapid updates of core apps is great imho
Android started to do the same a couple of years ago and can tell that google maps or even the phone app have progress very rapidly compare to when they were when they were part of Android

So my nexus 9 got the Jan update 

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excellent if u want a replacer for soapUI

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Fernando De Leon commented on a post on Blogger.
Have google abandoned this project? There hasn't been any upgrades or new functionality 

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Very true finally some one that thinks like me
I agree 100% with what the article says
The google ecosystem works great on ios 3 years ago I wouldn't had venture on to this side
I mean even my favourite keyboard works +SwiftKey
Just wish notifications were as great as on android
AM still waiting for the nexus 5 x to be released in Australia
Love tech 

Got my marshmallow on my nexus 5 woohoo ota 

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excellent tool for anyone doing development with RESTful or SOAP WS

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Check out this video on YouTube:

stupid bogan ppl... they are not willing to pay full price for medicine but they can surely pay full price for beer or smokes 
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