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Trademark Watching: Free Services Identifies Conflicting Names
Startung a trademark watch keeps you informed about potentially conflicting marks that are registered in trademark offices. We offer you a free identity monitoring service for your brand protection.
Determine if anyone is registering a name by 'watching' new applications filed with the United States Patent and Trademark Office and offices in over 30 Countries
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+Databases: Necessary for professional searches*
One year ago we published on our German service side an explanation video about databases and what is the principle behind them. We used this video to explain our job as an information professional and expert in searching specialised databases in different business fields. Databases have a hard way to communicate their advantages against search
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New Brands in Europe: Trademark Applications in Class 9
Take a look at the free list of trademarks in Europe for Scientific, nautical, surveying, photographic, cinematographic, optical, weighing, measuring, and signaling devices.

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New Powerfull Service: Free Listings of Europe Trademark Applications
Take a look which companies are starting a new trademark in Europe. Select Names by Company or Trademark Name. Sort and filter table data.

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  Free Listings of European Trademark Applications It sounds very interesting to know which trademarks applicated by Amazon or Google are going to start in Europe or Germany? Using our new information service “New Trademark Applications” gives an easy and fast answer to this questions.   Table Overview – Trademark Applications The new service offers
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Company Reports Turkey
Detailed information about turkish companies collected and documented by local agencies.Reports are providing Turkish Trade Register Data and financial Data.

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Searching and delivery of a company credit report Turkey from local agency. The company report provides trade register, financials, management and rating data.
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Company Data: More than 160 Countries at a Glance
Easy to use and very fast - the new table including all countries of Company Reports with direct links to our information services.
Finding the rigt company report service is now getting faster at the company information and report section. With a new table design and function navigation through more than 160 services is getting faster and more easy. Take a look at the easy to use table with direct links to right services.   The table including
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Free Trademark Watch Services for over 20 Countries Worldwide
We are offering our new service of free trademark watching in over 20 countries worldwide. Protect your trademark by using this service to detect new trademark entries in databases.
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Continuous 24/7 Trademark Monitoring
Identifies potentially conflicting trademark and service mark applications.

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How to find Big Brands - New Trademark Applications
Only two clicks to locate new trademark applications of Big Brands like #Google #Apple or #Amazon

using the free table database.
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People behind Michael Klems
Started 1991 in Germany and build up one of the best known Information Professional Services in the heart of Europe.

Last week at the IK Symposium speaking about the future of the information markets.
  Photo Credits: Julia Bengeser   Michael Klems – Founder of Thanks for visiting our service pages online. Let me introduce our company and services. is the “Online-Unit” of “Datenbank-Informationsdienst Michael Klems” an information professional located in Germany.   Who we are – Our company Since 1991 we see ourself as an innovative
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We discovered - great visual tool!

Our first graphic - do you like it?
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Contact Information
Contact info
Business, Company, Market and Trademark Information Services

Who we are – Our company
Since 1991 we see ourself as an innovative service in the area of external consulting, facilitation and providing of information. As an international business we are concentrating on quick communication and innovative technologies. Beside high flexibility and a high capacity for work we are pursuing a great demand of quality concerning the information management.

Our clients
With more than 14.000 clients worldwide we provide information to decision makers in different branches and service areas. We are a strong partner for a lot business consultants and attorneys at law.

Our Services
We offer more than 2.900 research services across different topics. For our international clients we offer research services in the fields of

Company Information worldwide
We have access to international company and register databases. We can offer credit and business information on 50 million public and private companies worldwide.

Michael Klems
Hindelanger Str.35
87527 Sonthofen