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Heroes of Heroes
Years ago, I came to know blues legend, Taj Mahal, through some business dealings. I was working for a software company that helped pioneer digital content distribution. We thought we’d try distributing MP3s. I asked myself which artist I’d most enjoy worki...

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12 Flash Stories for Thanksgiving
I received these via email on Thanksgiving Day. I don't know the authors.  They are too good not to share. 1. Today, I interviewed my grandmother for part of a research paper I'm working on for my Psychology class.
When I asked her to define success in her...

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What's Goin' On?
I've heard that a picture's worth a thousand words. This video must be worth a million. The love just oozes out of every note, and the smile of each person in the background.

Hey, I just put Power Clean 2.0.1 on my iPhone 5s.
Like it a lot, got back a gig of lost storeage space. Like the charging too, but after charging I'm prompted to "Open Battery Protection."
How exactly do I do that? Nothing I touch seems to do anything.

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Carrot or Stick?
the plumber confirmed we had a broken sewer pipe from when the gas
company put in the new gas lines.. He told me I needed to try and get
the city to fix it.. He warned me this would be a long process, and
said I should have our lawyer contact them...

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You Can Earn Respect or Disrespect.
nine years old was no excuse for what I'd done. It all
happened at a grade school carnival. I'd left a booth, opened a paper
sack, and saw my prize--a green toy with a yellow propeller. Not
much, but it was mine. A security guard stood by a hallway po...

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High School Flashback
There was an unusual kid in algebra. One day a couple kids were harassing him. I told them to knock it off. Then I started sitting by that kid in class. I don’t remember his name, but I remember this: You know those afternoons when you couldn’t keep your ey...

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Here's a story submitted by my brother, Steve.
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