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My baby boy watching me play racquetball :)
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**DO NOT RENT FROM PENDRAGON PROPERTIES** Please do your research and google this property and Jeff Jones. Also, you can look up his court cases and see that he has tons and tons of cases pending against him. I have rented from him and the outcome was all bad. Prior to signing the lease, we looked at the place and it was a horrible mess, however, Jeff Jones said he would fix and clean it up. So we took his word and signed the lease. Date was getting closer to moving in and Jeff only responded by text. He said contact his maintenance guy and he will fix everything. Of course, nothing happened. Even his maintenance guy had nothing but bad things to say about him. Not long after that, he quit. I've also talked to his ex-employees and they all say the same thing that he's cheap and a crook. My place had a bad smell, carpets were filthy smelled like piss and poop, stains everywhere on the carpets, dishwasher smelled like something crawled in there and died, front door was not sealed so bugs could come right in, light fixtures were hanging exposing wires, major plumbing issues, toilet leaked and ran, water damage in bathroom, tore up vinyl floors, the list goes on. I called the city of Bloomington (HAND dept) since I have not heard from Jeff anymore. He just avoided us. They've heard of him before and was not surprised. They cited him for everything that was wrong with the place and STILL nothing was done but fixing the fire alarms which they came in without us knowing. The Hand dept turned him over to the legal dept finally and we moved out 2 months later. I have little kids and we all had to live upstairs because downstairs smelled horrible. We paid him our deposit but did not pay any rent since nothing was done. We felt that he did not deserve our rent money since he wants to play like he's unavailable. We know we won't see our deposit but at least we didn't pay him anymore money. They put a lame eviction notice on our door just to threaten us to move and believe me, we wanted to move out the moment we moved in! In Indiana, it legally takes 30 days to evict and is served by the Sheriff's dept. It's a process. In their lame letter, they said we had 10 days to move and to schedule a move out inspection. I tried calling numerous times and still no response lol it's pretty typical. Also, you have to pay to get your mail. On his counter, it says you must obtain your postal key from the post office. What he doesn't tell you is that there is a $40 fee to get that key because they have to go out and change locks for security purposes. Of course, Jeff won't pay that. Please take my advice and do not rent from this guy. Spread the word. He is a crook and is only out to get money. He does not care about his properties which is sad because they have so much potential. He has way too many properties and go through maintenance people like nothing. Google him and all you'll see bad reviews. And if you're already renting from him and have not heard anything, call the HAND dept ASAP! You have renter tenant rights! I do not recommend this property to even my worse enemy. Jeff Jones is a joke. You won't hear anything from him or even his workers at his office if you try telling them about your home issues. This guy needs to be shut down for good. All the bad reviews you see, please take it seriously.
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