Holo, so far, is absolutely the best theme for Gnome 3 since it was released on april 2011.
It's inspired by the new default theme (called Holo :-P ) of Android 4.0 which I really like!
The color palettes is perfect for my taste :)

Holo contains themes for Gnome-Shell, Gtk3, Gtk2, Metacity
- Gnome-Shell: Stunning.
- Gtk 3 Theme: Stunning (the screenshot doesn't give the idea of how beautiful it is)
- Metacity: Good.
- Gtk 2: Ok (but really ugly with Firefox)

Luckily, Gtk 2 is dying, so I don't care much...but Firefox, for now, still use it and with this theme it really sucks.
So, I found these userstyles to make it beatutiful:
- scrollbars: userstyles.org/styles/24425/scrollbars-firefox-better-look
- tabs (I choose gray app tab highlights) : userstyles.org/styles/49622/native-look-for-firefox-4-on-linux

I use these userstyles for every theme, but with the Holo theme, Firefox it's much better now.

As Icons theme I use Faience-Azur (same creator of Holo Theme) : tiheum.deviantart.com/#/d47vo5d

#gnome3 #gnomeshell #linux´╗┐
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