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Anthony Lauer
A Geek who loves many things, most of all his wife.
A Geek who loves many things, most of all his wife.

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So. Incredibly. Epic.

Kanye West bugdroid in the play music store today.

He's going to let you finish, but then he's going to tell you about Beyonce.

I'm still laughing.

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Just went though all my Friends that play Draw Something and started a game with them. Put some time into the drawings, the best Furby I ever drew. 

Since starting over a year ago, (March 8, 2011) I've have lost 75lbs!!! Now I still have lots to go, but damn. 

oooh just got the Android update for my Epic 4G touch, its the EL29 update if you care to know. 

The most annoying thing about election season, everyone thinks they are a political genius and the person they are supporting is the best thing ever. 

Just saw that T.O. just signed to play/part own the Texas IFL team Allen Wraglers. Should be fun to watch!

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OOOOh love the new Hobbit Trailer, much better then the new Batman trailer. Can't wait to see either of them.
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