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Roland Zwaga
Spring Actionscript, AS3Commons and programming in general
Spring Actionscript, AS3Commons and programming in general
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How to install Flash on Jelly Bean

Fortunately, a couple of XDA-Developers forum members have already thought about that, so you can now easily and safely install Flash on any gadget with JB. Those who own a 4.1-running device with Android’s native browser app, like the Galaxy Nexus or the Nexus S, will have the easiest time.


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Neil deGrasse Tyson ‏@neiltyson
"Men Walk On Moon" - The only positive event in the last 50 yrs for which everyone remembers where they were when it happened

Neil deGrasse Tyson ‏@neiltyson
July 20, 1969 -- A remembrance to which I can neither add nor subtract [4m 30s]:

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So Flash is dead, huh? Check out Sean Parker's latest product, Airtime video chat for Facebook and say "thank you the flash player". 

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Hey +Mike Elgan  when are you going to stop carrying Apple's water? I hope you own a lot of stock because the overgrown rotten apple's shareholders are the only group of people winning from this, not consumers, not developers, not businesses.

You know the death of Flash It is a scam, right? I am so disgusted by third world caricature Shantany Narayen, CEO of Adobe, and the technology challenged "journalists" out there talking shit they know nothing about.... I have been at the top of Flash and Flex enterprise class development for the past 10 years and Steve Jobs' thoughts on flash are a bunch of lies, the fancy stage clown had only one goal: destroy the web to insure his AppStore supremacy.

The fact that Facebook recently dumped HTML5 for its iPhone app, the fact that recently the 4th largest game developer on Facebook decided to dump both Facebook and HTML5 all at once are all signs that Job won but not at killing Flash, at killing the web. Now that Apple put Adobe on its knees and got the company TO KILL FLASH IN EXCHANGE FOR APPLE"S SUPPORT FOR ADOBE AIR, a technology that allows to put Flash app straight in the AppStore instead of the web, we have to pay 30% on business we were conducting for free on the web.

It is racketeering, I invite you to lookup the definition of it. Now we have to take the same exct identical Flash apps, compile them with Adobe AIR and put them in the AppStore and who is going to pay the 30% tax? Consumers, because we will all pass it to them. Say thank you uncle Steve, you just fot punked and screwed. This is some truth on the bogus war against Flash, article I wrote back in 2010 (note there is not one single ad on my blog, I pay for it with my own money):

Thoughts on Apple, Flash developer responds to Steve Jobs' Thoughts on Flash

Apple banned me from forums, scared of Adobe Flash on iPad and iPhone ?!

Screw you Apple, there will be a quarter billion Flash enabled smart phones by 2012!

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Burying the Google+ ‘ghost town’ myth once and for all: An open letter to the tech press.

Dear technology press, 

The brain-dead myth that Google+ is a ghost town is getting really old. It’s time to stop repeating a dumb and unexamined claim. 

It seems like nobody has the time or attention span to think anymore, so I’m going to break it down into a simple bullet list. 

The facts you’re missing are these: 

* The main metric for comparing Google+ and Facebook “engagement” is the number of public posts. 

* This is a false metric because Facebook makes posts public by default and Google makes posts private by default. 

* Most users don’t change the defaults. So most Facebook users post publicly (without knowing it) and most Google+ users post privately (without knowing it).

* Most Facebook posts are public, and therefore measurable by the “studies” ONLY because Facebook makes them public by default. 

* Most Google+ posts are not public, and therefore NOT measurable by the “studies” ONLY because Google makes them private by default. 

* Google could suddenly become very active in terms of public posts by simply making all posts public by default. 

* Google’s default is more respectful of users’ privacy. Yet the “ghost town” myth that you keep repeating is punishing Google for doing the right thing. 

So please stop repeating the same dumb claim over and over again. When you see comparisons between Google+ and Facebook engagement levels, all you’re seeing is Facebook’s cavalier attitude about user privacy. 

Love, Mike

(Pic props: The Friendly Ghost (1945) )

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I've uploaded the first Bugbear album, I'm still proud of this slab of fucking noise, maybe some folks out there will enjoy it as well :)
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