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Existential Knowledge Foundation
awakening the inherent; rooting into the eternal
awakening the inherent; rooting into the eternal


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A warm welcome  to our newly born organization.

Encouraged by the response of participants to our various workshops we have felt the need to initiate consistent interactions with you.

We are about to launch a self-exploratory course for Adults ( duration :  6 months to one year ; twice a month )in an attempt to understand deeply how and what children learn naturally.

The shift from 'reading and thinking' to 'experiencing' will be at the heart of this process.

If you do intend to walk with us on this journey in the years to come, do mail us back with

1) Name/s ( If your friends / spouse are interested too)
2) How do you think this course will add value to your life?


Regards ..

Jinan , Ranjana , Reva , Amol , Dattaprasad
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